Learning Train

October 14, 2014 –
October 16, 2018
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Press the correct key to speed the train up. If you press the wrong key the train will slow down.


Good game for kids, I hope you continue to improve your game and you have my little vote.

<deleted> responds:

Thanks - will do!

Display the letter on screen instead of saying it in a weird robot voice.

<deleted> responds:

The idea is for them to learn the letters/numbers not match them to what is shown on the screen. I took your/others suggestions though thanks!

The audio makes it pretty hard to pick the correct letters, since B, P, D, Z and C all sound the same, among other consonants and vowels. I was interested in the concept, since my kid is obsessed with trains, but it needs work.

<deleted> responds:

Mine is too and loves it. I made a nw version where I show th numer/letters among other changes.

Great concept.

<deleted> responds:


Hmm... could be better (Like some text) But it really could fit the more younger newgrounders.

<deleted> responds:

Thanks for the feedback!

Doesn't even feels nearly done and is incredibly buggy.


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