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TD-Begging for Change

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It's all fine and dandy to have a comfortable routine, but when you get to college, you might wanna branch out and try new things. And people.
This is how I learned to stop worrying and love the college.

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Your webcomic isn't really animated, but for the sake of argument, it's close enough. This is all about art. Your art style looks simple but still has good a detailed quality. I found this to be very hilarious.

Raziberry responds:

Thanks, I try

oh god, and i was just thinking of starting a webcomic too... lmao

Yeah my life hasnt changed shit since I left college too

"No wanna-be artist is complete without a shitty webcomic."

B-but I started a webcomic. ; -;
Does that make me a wanna be...?

I love these BTW.

lol I don't know why but that question "are we friends" at the end made me laugh my ass off XD great animation/story man