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Hi everyone!
This is my first Unity Game ever, also my first 3D game ever, so its very simple.

HOW TO PLAY: Move around with WASD and look with the mouse

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Its an ok game that requires skill and careful platforming

What I want from this game is: click and drag camera work instead of just moving the mouse, a less sensitive camera, I don't like being almost to the end and touching something and replaying an entire level ( It gets annoying), it feels like I'm sliding a square instead of rolling a ball, also the ball is solid yellow so it doesn't even look like its rolling.

But apart from that its an alright game

Love these 3D platforms. It's very nicely made but the difficulty curve.. isnt a curve: it suddenly jumps! x.x
I find it very hard to avoid the block you can't touch hidden behind a wall, while doing a U-turn on falling platforms. I already have difficulty handling the camera with the falling platforms... give up. :p
Am I missing a lot? A level select would be nice and I would need checkpoints to keep up.

Nintendo style replays stopped being fun a while ago, so even though this game has decent controls and a relaxing design which I find important for games like this, doing the same level over and over after the first few levels because 90% of the blocks fall down, broke the fun. I really liked the finicky lifting fans, there seems to be more than one way to use them when placed in a row :D Since the acceleration is quite fast, it would be nice to brake slightly faster mid-air when one noticed that the jump is going to be too long, because that also contributes to the feeling of level-grind, where having no room for error makes experimentation almost pointless when you know what to do, and can only rely on execution with little to show how fast you need to go.

love the controls levels are fair and overall its great!

cool game ,fun . would be good with some music .view rotation by mouse was annoying

Credits & Info

4.81 / 5.00

Oct 11, 2014
11:49 AM EDT
  • Unity

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