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IGNORE THIS ALERT: does not work on google chrome it seems. use internet explorer until i figure out the solution to the problem.

CONTROLS: arrow keys to move. Space bar to fire weapon. P to pause. O to unpause.

Update 11/10/14:
Hooray! I finally fixed that issue with google chrome not running this html5 game!! That's pretty much it though. So small yet so impactful. It turns out it was this audio plugin that it was trying to use that was causing the problem. Its fixed now. Oh and that not being able to save progress thing has been taken fcare of. Not the save feature I'm still working on that. I mean not being able to save my work on the game maker studio file. Don't know what the problem was but exporting the resources and opening them in a different file did the trick.
Update 11/03/14:

Okay there are no functions for pausing and volume has no function on html5 so that needs some serious work. I'm getting real tired of working on this game. This was just supposed to be the first level but I can't even get this to work. Maybe I'm just way in over my head.

I had to establish my own pausing system and dressing new functions to all the objects involving timelines because timelines can be paused. But that's the only thing. I suppose this is good because I have much more control over everything though but I'm just too tired.

I did add some volume control but it doesn't work on html5. These limitations are really bugging me. I wish it would tell me which functions work on html5. And I should make sure to tell the audience that this is a html5 game so no one gets too mad at the blank screen.

update 10/21/2014:

okay i fixed a lot of things while the internet is out for me. i changed some of the music again. a lot in fact. you can keep your upgrades when transitioning to the next part. and one of the enemies aims for you for a collision. also i noticed a serious lag issue for html5 that i fixed. seems that the enemies all moving at once was slowing everything down. took care of it though. still haven't fixed the issue with pausing. i'll get it eventually though. i did it before im sure i can again.

Update 10/13/14:

Changed all the music in the game. Tried to establish a pause menu but it won't show up in html5 version. Html5 is weird. Anyway pause is ESC key so go ahead and try that if you feel like it. BTW the screen says space bar is to unpause, sorry I forgot to change that, its actually P key.

Some Sprites from game maker tuts and the others were made/edited by me.

Music was my composition.

Sound effects by game maker staff I think.

Programming by me.

The story is that the "1945" plane (the plane itself, not the pilot) is on a mission to fight the enemy planes, who are on a quest to recover a time machine which landed in a meteor strike. When the plane defeats the enemies and recovers the time machine, a new enemy comes from the machine that is completely impervious to the plane's weapons! Luckily he is saved by a ship also from the future called "sexy" and sexy and 1945 head 100 years into the future to equip and train the 1945 craft to fight enemy fighters from the year 204X.

I'm thinking of calling it, "1945 - 204X: Round Force". It has a nice ring to it.

This is just a DEMO so please mention anything you think is important to bring up. I would say, " no trolling" but that's not up to me is it?

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My god! The music!

metroidfannumber1 responds:

Pretty good? Pretty bad? Last time I wrote a song for someone they said it was too insane so I toned it down a little.

Em... excuse me? The game indeed sounds interesting, but i cant judge then the game wont load... its just a gray screen....
But a nice #3# for the story!

metroidfannumber1 responds:

Its html5. If it doesn't work on your browser you should try a different browser or go complain to google chrome for problems because my google chrome does not work so I used internet explorer to test so I don't know for sure how the sound came out since I can't actually play it.

The thing I noticed right off the bat is the music. It's extremely repetitive and the droning made me mute my headset. The beat is fine but there's that droning noise beside the drums that just kills it. It's way too bass. Try lowering the volume of it and adding in some gnarly guitar rifts.
I read the authors comments and noticed there's a story but the game itself doesn't explain any of it at all. It's really important to immerse the player in the story rather than giving them a paragraph or two explaining the plot outside the game itself.
None of the controls were explained. I know its extremely simple and standard for games like this but I checked my mouse, WASD and THEN the arrow keys to see how to move and that's a little off-putting. You need to assume the player has the mental capacity of a newborn infant because boy howdy did it take me way too long to figure out how to shoot.
When you run out of lives a dialogue box appears saying you died. I'm pretty sure most browsers might flag this as a popup or some kind of malware and it might cause problems for them. A simple game-over screen would have sufficed.
All the enemies are the same. Every single last one of them besides the bosses that looked very strange (Protip: never mix pixel sizes. If you're going to resize something make sure you touch it up so everything has the same size pixels). I also noticed a lot of enemy ships like to come in from the bottom. This is really cheap because they can come in huge globs and just wail on you or trap you in a situation you can't get out of because you can't fire backwards or there's too many of them to get around them.
All the scenery is the same. There's no upgrades. No drops at all. No bombs. Enemies travel in straight lines and appear randomly.

All that aside you mentioned you got a bunch of resources and knowledge from the Gamemaker tutorials so I'm gonna assume you're new to this. Don't give up and please don't take my review personally. I'm not here to be a dick. we're here to see you improve. Keep up the good work.

metroidfannumber1 responds:

Too much bass, more guitar riffs. Got it. That's stage 2 right?

Well I'm more focused on the gameplay right now. Cutscenes will be made later on.

You checked mouse, WASD, and then arrow keys? What's up with you? I always use arrow keys first but I suppose I should have written the controls. I noticed that I can make my game for tablet android devices so I was really considering mouse controls but when I did he was jumping all over the place. Let's just say the controls in general need work. Seriously, you didn't try to shoot with the space bar? What planet are you from? Uh... Anyway...

I don't that that would be considered a popup ad because its simple text. No real threat. PC's use it to alert players all the time. Buuut I want to get rid of it. I personally think its stupid. I want "game over" to pop up on the spot where you died.

I didn't bother adding new enemies and scenery because that's all I need for now. The enemies are the same because you're never gonna see them again. Once you go to the future you're gonna get all new different sets of enemies. I probably should have demo'd one of those levels, eh? As for the scenery you're in the same general area for all three parts, the middle of the ocean so its gonna be repetitive, sorry. I guess I could have a. Whale or something show up once in a while.

Seriously, you're complaining about the ships that come from the rear?! Even after I nerfed them from their original speed? Or are you being a sore loser? *raises right eyebrow*

There ARE upgrades. Didn't you get the spread shot from a random enemy? Besides its just the beginning. In the future he gets a fire dragon weapon and speed control. So don't fret about that. There are health and lives to pick up from enemies. I can't believe that you missed that. And after all that work I did on that heart...

Enemies travel in straight lines and appear randomly... Well yeah kinda.

The truth I I'm not new. But I am rusty. Rrreeeally rusty. I just learned some 3d coding so that should be fun. But I don't know how to make a 3d object interact with a 2d object which is why I had to give up on another project I had.

It's a decent arcade style game, but I found some flaws:
The scoreboard doesn't seem to work, some of the music don't loop properly and a pause button would be nice to have.

metroidfannumber1 responds:

I sort of opened the scoreboard by accident although I would like to have it in the final product so I tried to learn a few things.

Doesn't loop properly? That can't be! I just fixed the looping problems with the html5 versions! How could I have missed something?!

I actually was gonna add a pause button but I forgot how it was so long ago like 3 years or something so I don't quite remember everything. I'll definitely add one though. I just feel like I missed one thing.

It only shows a black screen.

metroidfannumber1 responds:

It uses html5. If it shows a black screen it is not automatically the uploaders fault. If you give someone a bad rating it should be because they suck not because your browser is having issues. Try internet explorer. My google chrome doesn't run html5 for whatever reason.

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2.27 / 5.00

Oct 11, 2014
1:07 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight