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Cloud Knights: Duels

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How to play:

Hold keys to swing your weapon. You can only move and fight swinging your weapon around the character. Defeat your opponent by hitting them until they run out of health or fall off the platforms. Winner of the round gets a star. First to get three stars, wins the match!

P1 (Green): A, D
P2 (Purple): Left Arrow, Right Arrow

P - Pause

While paused:
M - Main Menu
R - Restart

Main Menu:
1 - Start single player game
2 - Start two player game


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Great mechanics for a great game.. Gameplay is a bit reptitive but it also random in the sense that you never know what the AI is gonna do next wich is kinda fun The Other thing that does not allow me to give this a 5 star is that the other version of the game costs money... Therefor 4.5/5 Stars

Since you can only move with your weapon, that makes things extremely limited. There's no room to get good at a game like this.

For an Unity game, I think that this game is above-average.

Everything seems to be working fine, there weren't any bugs I managed to find. However, it's only good for one or two attempts, otherwise you'll probably get bored of it. The only part that anyone could have a laugh at is "Oh hey, look at him spin, hahaha!". Then it's just "Oh look, they're spinning... and spinning... and spinning..." ad infinitum, which isn't really good for the 2-button kind of a game, considering stuff like Soccer Physics where you can perform some sick shots, or Drunken Wrestling where you can [sometimes] knock a guy's head/torso off his body with your bare fists. I don't think this game has the charm that the games mentioned above do.

Like I've mentioned - It's pretty decent. However, after doing about 2-3 matches you'll probably get bored of it.

This game is fun! ...especially the 2 player mode. So far I've had a blast playing against my girlfriend, although she usually kicks my ass! :P The gameplay is super simple, yet challenging, and it's fun to come up with different strategies for all the different levels and weapons. Sometimes it can be pretty hilarious when your opponent falls off platforms and the way they die etc. I especially like the little laughter coming from the characters when they get a critical hit or when they win.

I just wish there were power-ups, upgrades and item drops in the game, but I've noticed that you get all of that on the iPhone version? Anyway, good job! This is a fun little game. Oh and the music is pretty cool too :)

Pretty decent. Controls are simple enough to pick up fairly quickly, but it took me a little bit to catch on to timing the hits with my weapon.