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Samurai is a Hack'n'Slash game where the goal is to survive as many waves of Ninjas as possible. One hit kills you, and one hit kills them.

EDIT: Now with a replay and menu button. Also fixed ninjas magically appearing.

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Managed to get Dodge and Double Kill. Now for the other 2.

Simple, but fun game - becomes surprisingly tricky. Any hints on the secret medals?

Super Hyper fun game i enjoy it ::::::)))))))))))

Fun game :)

Stupid ninjas trying to run up to attack a samurai with little hand weapons. Are the ninjas wearing tekko-kagi or just have two kunai poking out of each of their fists?

Not bad. I like it, but it is a bit simple. Would have been nice if there were a few different moves to perform, just to break up the whole hack-hack-hack away at the ninjas - might need a stamina bar or something so the moves aren't game-breakers: but something like stab an enemy and push him onto all the others behind him (stabbing them too, shish-kebab style) - and a reverse stab (the "I-stab-you-without-looking" move) would have been fun.

Alx101 responds:

Thanks for the review, glad you like it! About the ninjas I guess the Designer will have to answer that (Erik: The Ninjas are wearing tekko-kagi). The simpleness from the game comes from it being more of a warmup project, with another more fleshed out version planned for later.