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Outcast Ninja: Book 2

rated 2.80 / 5 stars
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Oct 7, 2014 | 9:26 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Samantha's troubles continue as she encounters new enemies and her family is attacked by ninjas as well!

Due to the entire project being deleted by accident and not wanting to spend another month re-coding it... I changed the format from panels with Flash effects to Full-Pages that you can scroll up and down with the mouse. Your 'progress' is still saved after each chapter.

Chapter 4: Escape from the Rooftop.
Chapter 5: Uninvited Guests.
Chapter 6: The Good Guys... Lose?

*** Warning: Contains Excessive Violence, Rape, Incest, and some Chinese Text... Warning ***



Rated 5 / 5 stars

I'm pretty sure that dude isn't a minor

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SlingBang responds:

Well, I just spent an hour trying to find the law online but couldn't...
Basically, the law I read years ago states that any DEPICTION APPEARING to be under 18 years of age IS child porn and results in a MANDATORY 5 years jail sentence and the 'Sexual Offender' tag on your record...

I agree that the dude is not a minor. 'He' is just pencil, ink and digital pixels. there is NO REAL MINOR. the fact that its illegal shows the morons making laws are prejudiced, hate-filled, and ignorant... similar to those who commit 'hate crimes'. So, since sociopathic perverts are making laws and can destroy your life, why take chances. The stupidest part is below is a list of morally reprehensible and physically horrible events that are NOT illegal to draw in my comics, due to freedom of expression laws:

Rape- not illegal to draw
Violent Gang Rape- not illegal to draw
Incest- not illegal to draw
Bestiality- not illegal to draw
Murder- not illegal to draw
Serial-killing Mass Murder- not illegal to draw
Mutilation of humans or animals - not illegal to draw
Sexual Mutilation- not illegal to draw
Electrocution of persons for sexual pleasure- not illegal to draw
Enjoyment of murdering, raping dead body, then eating dead body- not illegal to draw

Drawing consensual sex between teenagers = CHILD PORN = IS illegal to draw = 5 yrs in jail.

Also, if you read up on the subject there are regularly people being put in jail for possessing art that depicts 'underage sex' so no matter how obviously idiotic the law is, no one in the entire legal process is stopping it. So, no thank-you to taking chances...

Basically, if artists don't like it they can stfu, move to Japan, or wait for some rich, white lawyer's child to get arrested for drawing art. Then you'll see someone fighting the law. But, as we all know, no rich, lawyer's child would ever become an artist.

-edited for grammar and swearing.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

what did all the chinese say?

SlingBang responds:

Here's a rough translation for you to read along with the comic.

Page 5:
I'm happy to see you have returned "Little Bird".
Thank you politely, Master. I really missed your cock.

Page 6:
You really suck cock well. I'm cumming so quickly!
Aaah, Delicious!
OK. Now, you must be wanting to take a bath. Right?
Excuse me, I have your towels.
OK, come in.

Page 9:
This is your mistake, for I am "The Great Fire Dragon"!
Hey old man, I'm "The Sharp Knife"!

Page 10:
Be careful "Little Bird"! There are 5 enemies in here.

Page 11:
Master, help me!

Page 12:
Now, I'm gonna kill you, old man!
I am "The Fire Dragon"...
Ha ha ha...
Fire Dragon Attack!


Rated 4 / 5 stars

its was a godd comic and all but its really messed up about the guy and his daughter.

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SlingBang responds:

Aaaah, but is it messed up or is it a culturally contrived viewpoint rooted in the justifiable fear of congenital birth defects. Perhaps, the future storyline will reveal they are actually not biologically related... Then would it be OK?

Or, perhaps the offense derives from the perception of abusive power dynamics in a father-daughter relationship. But doesn't love override moral objections? In this case isn't it evident that their love is reciprocal and honest?

Or, perhaps I'm just joking and it's a comic and he's the bad guy so the goal is to make him offensive and entice the readers to dislike him and really want him to die in the end...

I guess you'll have to see how the story develops when the next book comes out... maybe by December?


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

So the mongoose helps the rabbits fight the snake, then bloody battle ensues, the land is ravaged by war and poverty...


SlingBang responds:

Well, the soft wet pasture is certainly ravaged, but more in a peaceful, rich, enjoyable kind of way. ;)


Rated 5 / 5 stars

i'm playing your game again slingbang :D
still same thinking