Furrie's United 4

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ITS HERE, Also here's a script for the prequel, I never did it, it was gonna be this one, But I thought no not really, So Here was the script. Enjoy.

Furginson was relieved finally, After years of work, He found creatures on Mars. Jupiter, Mercury, And Pluto!

He found some blobbish jelly animal, He said, Hello blob's! I am Dr. Furginson!
Then, the doctor heard 2 furries say out! "Furries, Bubby wubby! !"
Note: This is a prequel before 1 and 2, 3, And 4, and other more in the future, ETC,

Doctor said "I can call you that! Furrys!
I'll name you eskimoschmo, And Shrinkz ( NOTE, The 2 furrys that are in the black dots 1 looking for hands =D)
[These names are from my favorite madness animators]
So he took alot of them in his rocket, The size of a mansion,
He flew away, Slowly, He got shocked by a furry, Yes, Furry's have PSI abilities from EarthBound XD

He screamed out "OW!" Its ok furry! Im sorry I stepped on you"
Doctor Furginson suddenly felt something, He played with the little creatures for days, Til' he decided, It was time to let them go =(
So he waved and hugged them, the 2 main furrie's from number 1 of Furry's United The furries all said English?
"Goodbye, We love you!"
Said all the furrie's, They went out and explored the world... Until, 2 furrie's realized... They loved him more than they did to their everything =), They thought he was like a "father"
[Remember! This is still a prequel]
But they were just started their journey...
So they set out on a adventure to find... Hands! Eskimoschmo said happingly "Lets see him again sometime... =D"
Shrinkz smiled " Yeah!"

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Longer! Longer xD

PizzaGod responds:

I made it short, I'll make the episode longer, I swear, I am just really busy, And thank you for contacting me, I am very happy.

work on building a story around your characters, work on backgrounds, and maybe think on adding sound or at least music... music helps a lot.

PizzaGod responds:

well, read my old posts.

Nice, improve your animation skills, and do a re-make of the series . Why? , well because you have an original story here , and that's something that i dont see everyday here , congrats :D

PizzaGod responds:

I very am, Much assorted of what you said.

i liked this litte cartoon, it had battles, cool and original characters, and some nice conversation going on.
whats the backstory of those characters though? we know nothing! maybe fill that info in the next episode... ;)
also: this movie was good, but mate, add a play/replay button, or a preloader... it will improve your movie 200%.
good animation, with promising characters... why are they claled furries, tho? maybe from fury?

PizzaGod responds:

Just read my past post, I have a post that tells about the story, I have a old post on one of my POSTS.

short but still good

PizzaGod responds:


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1.75 / 5.00

Oct 4, 2014
3:02 PM EDT