One Sleepless Knight

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Lead our valiant knight Sir Gavin the Brave through tireless journeys. He ventures through the night to save his true love the fair Maiden from the clutches of the evil dragon!
Epic side scrolling adventure created by Justin Cowing.
A and D to move
Space Bar to jump
Left Mouse Click to attack


Jumping ON a bird make you staying on him and taking damages. Horrible bird !

Locking left click makes yourself invincible in front of an ennemy, there is no cooldown in the effect as in the mouvement on screen.

Good idea of game, but I think you should update it... For some of those problems I quoted.

jcowing77 responds:

thanks Francky5213, if I do decide to update this game I will definitely take your suggestions, as well as all other constructive criticism that has been given, to heart. Thanks for playing :-)

totally cool. :)

jcowing77 responds:

Thank you Dragonanimation! Means a lot to me :-)

The only reason I gave this a generous 2 was because the game was unplayable on my side but seeing the opening cutscenes graphics I couldn't see how this game could be worth more than a 2. But hey, I get surprised by games all the time so you never know. All I'm saying here is this may have been done with a little more effort because the game was unplayable for me.

jcowing77 responds:

Adonis117, well for what its worth thank you for the 2 stars. I am sorry the game would not play for you. I have a (possibly stupid) question for you...
You say you got to see the opening cut scenes... Did you then press the red "Play" button in the bottom right hand side of the screen? I can think of no other reason as to why you would be able to see the cut scene and not the game. I would appreciate any and all feedback, and thanks for the view :-)
-Justin Cowing

The graphics won't load, so I couldn't tell you if the game is good or not...

jcowing77 responds:

pwnd9000LOL, thanks for at least ATTEMPTING to play. Sorry its not working for you. I have some (possibly stupid) questions for you... Have you installed the Unity 3D Web Player? If so, after the initial opening cut scenes, did you click on the play button?
These questions are in no way meant to patronizing, these are the only things I can think of that might keep you from being able to play the game... I would love any and all input.
Either way, thanks for the view :-)

That was pretty cute and fun, if on the short side.

Some of the hitboxes could use a little fine-tuning, and wish you could slash backwards - sometimes I'd jump over the blue birds (btw., I get the spiders and the ghosts and the skeletons, but why on earth are even the cute birds so hostile?! what is the world coming to) and they'd follow me around, with no way of getting rid of 'em.
Also, the boulders on the last level don't seem to respawn after restarting the level.

jcowing77 responds:

Mopik, thank you so much for playing! Great observations as well, thank you. I will definitely look into tweaking the hit boxes, and giving the player the option to turn around (and attack backwards). Mind you, finding a good programming team has proved very difficult throughout the years, so this was my first attempt at coding for myself. I am mainly an artist, but took it upon myself to learn Unity 3D so that I could begin seeing my ideas come to fruition.
Thanks again SO MUCH for playing. Stay tuned for the future! -Justin Cowing

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2.78 / 5.00

Oct 2, 2014
1:38 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other