Nightmare Syndrome

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Here is the demo for the horror shooter Nightmare Syndrome. We worked really hard getting it done so I hope you like it. As far as the future of the game we would love to make the full game stuffed to the brim with content to really immerse you into this dark and foreboding world. There will be more secrets to uncover and more to understand about you the character.

"You awaken in a cabin but don't recall coming to this place. The last thing you remember before the bang is the beasts that followed. You still feel their presence. Why... Fight your way through the hordes of hellish beasts and hope you make it out alive."


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Simple enemies take far too many bullets to kill.

I played the game for about 15 minutes. First I wanna start off by saying the artwork was really good. I thought the sprites and monsters were pretty cool. It seems like a really good idea and I hope you expand upon it. I know this is just a demo but I honestly have no idea what to do or where to go. Also, it is WAY too hard. I mean there first monsters you encounter just pour endlessly in to the room causing massive damage. I think this is a great starting point if you expand on it, I think you will have a great game.

nice:Music is good. Sounds fx good. The atmosphere of the game its great. Some monsters are really creepy. But its very difficult. Maybe more power ups, health and a little more of level design would be awesome. Keep it up!

Okay so lets talk about the important stuff first, and then why I gave it a 5/10
Gameplay: Simple and repetitive, but not bad. The gun is a decently strong enough weapon where I don't feel like I'm not doing enough damage, or too much damage. Now, the problem is that enemies take out way too much health based on the lack of any health pickups or recovery options. I found myself losing a ton of health after the first two rooms; which, I wasn't even sure I was supposed to leave. The closeness of the camera makes it hard to see where any walls in the room are. In one playthrough, I spent 5 minutes in the first room, again, not blaming the design, just I think backing up a bit would be good. The animation in the game looked good, not a problem at all, however I didn't like that I couldn't really tell when an enemy was hitting me, with a lack of sound cue or animation aid, I was never sure of how to avoid attacks other than keeping 5 feet away at all times. Other than that, I'd say that a bit more story would make up for the lack of exciting visuals. There's definite effort seen in the look of the rooms and the enemies, but the rooms themselves are barren, and enemies designs are simple, avoiding gaudiness, but there's no visual stimuli other than my constant moving. Thanks for the upload.

This review is for the first playable demo of the game published on Oct 1, 2014.

First things first, the game plays smoothly. The gameplay seems to be heavily inspired by games like Hotline Miami and The Binding of Isaac.

Second is the graphics, they're basic but they look the part. Obviously the in-game models will be more defined and detailed later in development but for now they look the part.

The music is quite nice too. Just like the graphics it's simple but it's simplicity adds to the atmosphere of the game and it's all quite nice.

The real issue for me are the enemies. They need work. The basic green enemies take too many hits and spawn too often. Obviously the idea is too keep strafing around them but the levels quickly become corridors which make it hard not to be cornered and killed. The enemy movements are sporadic, too. Perhaps this was intentional to make the enemies seem more random and vicious like they could pounce on you at anytime. But what ends up happening is that a bunch of them will stand around and jitter for a bit then will just swarm you. They take away bits of health but the game doesn't really make it clear that they're attacking. The red blood cell/boob(?) enemies are different as they just approach you directly but the also clip through walls which is less than ideal. It leads up to you sitting in one of the narrow corners of the level and spamming the firing key as quickly as you can. Turning the game from Binding of Isaac to something closer to Fester's Quest.

I rated 3 stars since all of these things can be easily fixed and definitely tightened up in later versions of the game meanwhile the gameplay, graphics, sound, and overall presentation hold up nicely.

I leave you all with this joke. Nightmare Syndrome? More like, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome!

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2.87 / 5.00

Oct 1, 2014
11:46 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional