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Blood and Mud of Rome

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Defend your camp
Survive against waves of yolo-ing Tribesmen
The game in the future is intended to be more strategic
....I just gotta get less stoned bro

Advanced Features:
1. Fear Factor - The more projectiles hurled at somebody the more they get scared
That increases their chances of running away
However over time they will come back
2. (Will add) Smart Enemy units: they will employ tactics, and regroup based on population, rather than just bluntly charging
3. (Will add) multi unit selection. for an RTS, it is crucial
Option for different Formations like Box, Arrow shape, circle,
dild* shape
4. (Will add) the engineer - The Romans are known to build stuff...This dude builds stuff like Barracks and wooden poles...
5. (WIll add) Random TROLL events such as GIANTS charging
random events like...santa...a troll..meteorite
...um....Altar boys invasion:)

You can zoom in and out
This is my first actual game that I made so don't expect the best
Ancient Rome Battle Simulator
Epic War

Fanatic Celtic Warrior - naked warrior weak in defence high in attackspeed and speed
Roman Infantry (Legion Unit with Pilum, Scutum, and Gladius) Ammo 1, Range short, High Defence
Roman Spearman (Legion Unit with Pilum 5, Scutum, and Gladius) Ammo 1, Range short, High Defence
Roman Centurion (100 Legion Commander with a fancy hat thingy, Spear, Scutum, and Pilums) Ammo depends, Range short, High Defence, a beast machine not meant to be realistic
Roman Calvary (Horseback Unit with Scutum, and Spatha) no range, High speed
Local Archer (Sinew Backed Deflex Bogha, 12 ash arrows bronze tips ) medium range, low defence
Barbarian Infantry (Random Weapons, and Round Wooden Shield) no range, random attack, High speed

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more like suck my shlong at rome hahahahaha it was bad tho

This is Madness . Madness? This is awesome!

Really cool flash game . Seems very complicated to make

j9pe responds:

thanks bro most of the time im smoking .. when making this lol
anyting i can improve