Day Dream Adventure

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Day dream your own adventure in this randomly generated adventure game!

updates will come out soon

==== UPDATE 1 - 3 ====
Fixed the character freezing (untested) attempt 2
Added mute button (Beta button)
when you die your xp will reset
balanced xp rates
added 3 new chests: face, range and shoes
fixed white screen crash

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Good points of this game: Character and bad guy animation. Seriously bad points: the ONLY thing that really seems to be random in this game is the backgrounds. I faced each of the bosses AT least three times before getting to the final. the highest grade archery/throwing item is ALSO the damn slowest, and without spending hours trying to find different shoes and capes my highest speed was 10. gave up trying to unlock secret medals when i could seem to find a better projectile weapon that DIDN'T SUCK ASS!

rhys510 responds:

Wow, thanks for the criticism, my new game i a working on has randomness in it so i will take these points and expand on them when i get to those parts in development, Thanks! :D

This is straight dope yo!

love this

very good!

its the best game ive ever played. im looking for more games like this one but i never find one.
im looking up to more updates if thee will be more.

(srry if my english is bad it isnt my first lenguage)

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4.07 / 5.00

Sep 30, 2014
2:27 PM EDT
Adventure - Other