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Age of Pixels - Rome

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Move your units

Move the camera

Defend your camp
Survive against waves of yolo-ing Tribesmen
The game in the future is intended to be more strategic
....I just gotta get less stoned bro

Advanced Features:
1. Fear Factor - The more projectiles hurled at somebody the more they get scared
That increases their chances of running away
However over time they will come back
2. (Will add) Smart Enemy units: they will employ tactics, and regroup based on population, rather than just bluntly charging
3. (Will add) multi unit selection. for an RTS, it is crucial
Option for different Formations like Box, Arrow shape, circle,
dild* shape
4. (Will add) the engineer - The Romans are known to build stuff...This dude builds stuff like Barracks and wooden poles...
5. (WIll add) Random TROLL events such as GIANTS charging
random events like...santa...a troll..meteorite
...um....Altar boys invasion:)

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I really didnt know what to expect with this game. But its actually pretty decent. The screaming loop gets boring very quickly. I didnt understand the interface very quickly but it was a like a game made very quickly too,,, but after you play it twice it gets really fun! It should have a little work in the graphics, the tempo and the sound and you will a have a great game dude!

j9pe responds:

thanks man!!! i am a single person programming in parents basement, u cant expect anything professional.
humm..maybe i should invest more time figuring out different screaming styles
who's ur favorite unit?

hahahahahaha altough the game would be better with a bit more work and a better tutorial but I love the random sound effects of people screaming ahahahahahahahaha, nice work.

j9pe responds:

had a lot of fun sitting alone in the basement at the mic

There were a few weaker aspects of the game. The controls were super clunky, and selecting a unit was often very difficult. The visuals were lacking, and the game has no goal. RTS games need goals, and "survive as long as you can!" is not sufficient. I think this was a fine start to a game, but it needs a lot of work before it is submitted again. I would really like to see this as a finished product.

j9pe responds:

thanks for the feedback...time for me to make a better thing!
Regarding the controls, its exactly the same as Mud and Blood 2, with the additional feature of moving the camera
im making a multi unit selction
Goal...well arent there already a lot of games out there with the pure survival goal
I could just make this into an age of empires parody...but trying to seek something more unique
I was thinking tactical battle simulations of real historic battles

the game is good it be great if you added levels and a way to defat the enemy

j9pe responds:

haha..wont that be copying age of empires?

Fuck this piece of shit

j9pe responds:

explain please as i am new to game making