Shifty Knight

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Greenhorn 5 Points

Collect 10 points

Initiated 5 Points

Collect 60 points

Rookie 5 Points

Collect 30 points

Expert 10 Points

Collect 150 points

Gambler 10 Points

Get the difference of 100 points in two-players mod

Necromancer 10 Points

Resssurect your opponent five times per match

Skilled 10 Points

Collect 100 points

Survivalist 10 Points

Raise your life-meter from 1 to 5 in a row without damage

Awesome 25 Points

Collect 500 points

Double Master 25 Points

Collect 40 points in a row using X2

Frozen Lord 25 Points

Collect 10 points in a row while you're frozen

Monster hunter 25 Points

Collected 1000 frags

Pacifist 25 Points

Collect 100 points in a row without shield-kills

Quick kill 25 Points

Kill 25 enemies at once while shield is on

Total kill 25 Points

Kill 30 enemies at once using grenade

Veteran 25 Points

Collect 250 points

Without a scratch 25 Points

Collect 100 points in a row without any damage

Godlike 50 Points

Collect 1300 points!

Unreal 50 Points

Collect 800 points

Die Hard 100 Points

Collect 2000 or die

Author Comments

Shifty Knight is a great chasing and collecting game. Try to collect all the bonuses available and get more achievements while playing. Each assembled bonus increases your score and adds new enemy on the field.
Your character has no weapons, but he can eliminate enemies with a variety of special bonuses. Eliminated enemies also increase your score. The goal is survival at any cost as much as possible.
The game features a system of ranks, statistics at the end of the match, as well as a two-players game mode.

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shiesse! clunky controls, horrid animation, inconsistent hitboxes with unoriginal game mechanics and no explanation for some mechanics.

Tough & balanced game!
highscore: 985 (UNREAL)

i like it!

solid game. would have liked to know that the knights hitbox was his helmet and not the body. Also if you could tell the player what the enemie's damage is.

Cool game, like it.

Credits & Info

3.90 / 5.00

Sep 28, 2014
3:53 AM EDT
Skill - Collect