Krazy Kart 3D

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Use your best driving skills to steer your kart to victory. Avoid obstacles, collect weapons and boosts to help power you to first place. Collect coins and you'll be able to buy all new characters, upgrades and courses.

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Unlike most mario kart rip offs that atleast is some what good ( even tough the original mario kart is better ) this rip off couldnt even get anywhere near too succes of making it nearly as good as the original! When greedy people make rip offs they try to take everything a game has but they also add some of their own unique stuff so that people will buy their game instead of the original but there is nothing unique by this besides that it sucks this horibally! I usually do not make bad reviews but I hav to make one to this... Atleast you succeded to make a better game then Sonic R!

why have you tainted the great name of Newgrounds.

first of all, half of this is not even yours. This is a complete rip off of Mario Kart.
You copied the banana, the red shell (with the rocket), the finish line, the rolling rocks and the mushrooms that you can bounce on. you even copied the rainbow boosters AND MADE THEM RAINBOW. I mean for god's sake the least you could have done was change the color to blue or something. not to mention that this is everything i found only playing this for 5 minutes the only differences from this and Mario Kart is that this game sucks.

second, this is way too easy. The first time I played this I got first place without even trying, and when I won, I got over 100 coins, that's enough to buy the most expensive kart in the game.

finally, the auto SUCKS ASS, I mean come on it's just so bad i don't even want to talk about it.

It's fun, but I would like to have seen a bit more originality. It's just a knockoff of Mario Kart 64. I also found it very easy. The only challenge when racing against the computer is not getting overly annoyed when the umpteenth rocket hits you while you're in the lead, especially as they never made you lose the lead.

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3.32 / 5.00

Sep 26, 2014
8:41 PM EDT
Sports - Racing