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Sep 26, 2014 | 10:40 AM EDT

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Author Comments

Welcome to the brand new Nodiatis Server exclusive to Newgrounds!

WARNING: You will be forced to think while playing this game, read skill descriptions, make choices, possibly even compute DPS on your own dividing damage by delay. You must decide for yourself how to develop your character. For some this is an overwhelming burden, but for others it is great fun. This game is for the latter.

Hailed as one of the most in-depth browser MMOs, Nodiatis is a unique experience: an old school 2D RPG feel with all the amenities and functionality of a modern 3D MMO. Players begin their adventure in the remnants of a once great kingdom, now a godless, hopeless land bereft of law and order. Beckoned by the call of a princess forced to bondage, you have the potential to battle your way to glory. Choose from 26 classes, hundreds of skills, thousands of items. Fight solo or in small groups, form and join clans for camaraderie and support, battling rival clans for dominance. Or take a darker path: risk everything and become a player killer, where there are bonuses for your bravery beyond the harvesting of tears, but also grim consequences for failure.

Nodiatis is now HTML5, touchscreen friendly, and playable on mobile devices.

To existing players: BE NICE to the new ones. Someone who is asking a dumb question in civil is at least putting some effort into learning as opposed to running off scared.



Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Nodiatis is a solid browser RPG.

Enjoyed the excellent array of skills that can be leveled allowing the player the opportunity to design the character they have always wanted to be.

Disliked the lack of verity of weaponry and armor available to lower levels. The selection is bland and uninteresting, but there's gems and other assortments out the wazoo!

Quest are bland and uninteresting because there's nothing to them.

Enjoyed the good frame rate and stable connection for a browser game.

The community is wonderful, and you see he same players play all the time.

The biggest fail in this game is the combat. Fights are dull and wretched, and it's one the biggest reasons I had a hard time playing this game. For a game that is nothing but farm, stare mindlessly at a non-moving portrait casting a gem now and then (at my level), farm, repeat, you would think the combat would be more appealing. (Animations in battlers, more appealing particle effect animations). This is quite possibly the main reason, out of the 76,000+ viewers, why majority don't stay. They are bored.

The biggest win in this game, is that this game in entirely free, and everything that can be purchased with real currency is buyable in gold with enough time and effort through the purchasing of Time Cards in the Auction House. This is definitely not a pay-to-win game, although purchasing a Time Card would remove trade restrictions and speed up your character progression faster.

The game and work put into Nodiatis is great, but the combat, the quest and equipment variety is lacking immensely for an RPG of this dedication put into it.

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Rated 0 / 5 stars

gaaay dont play


Rated 4 / 5 stars

it could be better if there was more active combat other then just watching the auto-attack and only clicking on abilities.


Rated 0 / 5 stars

Developer creates perks in the game that actually do nothing but costs hundreds of dollars and many hours of play and then says "Oh I never expected anyone to actually achieve that". Commonly creates OP builds, waits for the players to shift to that build (spending lots of money of course) and then nerfs the build only to make a different one OP starting the cycle over again. More of a criminal than a programmer.

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Rated 0 / 5 stars

It's a money pit pay 2 play with f2p advertised (like most games). Community is alright but like any other there are always bad apples.
Small community means it is difficult to come in and get anywhere without dropping a few thousand dollars to boost.
Developer has favorites and will ban you if you question his approach. There is no ending to this game despite being beaten and told there is a few times. The Dev has over promised features time and again; with the release of Server 2 here he bribed veteran server 1 players to give NG review sections additional content if they voted 4+ stars (content that was said to be provided anyways).

Playing this game is the equivalent of getting jizz in your eye. It stings and is an honest mistake that many people have made. You'd be better of spending your time and money drinking bum wines with a hobo.

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