Die Hipster!

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01 The Final Elbows 5 Points

well! what it is!

02 The Least Interesting Man in the World 5 Points

well! what is it!

03 ePolaroid 5 Points

*looks skyward*

04 The Smartest Man in the World 5 Points

*points down*

05 Billbored 5 Points

praise the sun!

06 Endgame 5 Points

*proper bow*

07 Moustache Man 5 Points

r1 r1 r1 r1

08 Artistic Potential 5 Points


09 Hitmen 5 Points

roll bs roll bs roll bs

10 The Mast Judgement 5 Points


010 DEAD HIPSTERS 25 Points

010 dies lol

020 DEAD HIPSTERS 25 Points

020 dies

030 DEAD HIPSTERS 25 Points

030 dies

040 DEAD HIPSTERS 25 Points

040 dies

050 DEAD HIPSTERS 25 Points

050 dies

060 DEAD HIPSTERS 25 Points

060 dies

070 DEAD HIPSTERS 50 Points

070 dies

080 DEAD HIPSTERS 50 Points

080 dies

090 DEAD HIPSTERS 100 Points

090 dies

100 DEAD HIPSTERS 100 Points

100 dies omgwtf

Author Comments

arrow keys move Hipster.
space bar makes Hipster jump.*
use the F key to F stuff up.

total score is cu·mu·la·tive for your newgrounds account.

songs by:
Bob Schneider — https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/bob-schneider/id86359
Jay Double Okay — http://www.last.fm/music/Jay+Double+Okay
Julian Velard — https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/julian-velard/id64631459
Sebastian Bunda

*Hipster jumps in different ways depending on different things.


This game appears quite laggy, making it very hard to play. Perhaps a quality button to lower the quality would be much more useful? It is all centered around the guys playing music and the 'release party' next to the building you have to painstakingly climb.

If it wasn't for the lag making your jumping so retarded, I think this could be a much more fun game to play. Graphics are ok, gameplay is alright, the storyboard is a lot of fun with the tweeting and comments made.

The lag/control issue says 3/5 stars because, as it is, it is very difficult to progress very far.

The Maiden in Black? Why?

Also, the game was pretty clunky but sufficiently weird enough to hold my attention.

Presentation seems decent enough, got some great graphics, but can only get a few screens in due to absolutely clunky controls making this frustrating and virtually unplayable.

Controls are a bit tricky. if you want to make a good jump you basically have to press either left or rght arrow, hold it down and then press space. That kind of works for me. Funny thing. I've died 60 times total so far and i don't know about everyone else but one of the things the lady who revives you said to me was "Your Princess is in another castle." LOL Mario Bros, classic.

BTW, some bugs. One of them which happened to me is i made yet another one of those swan dives (you know, jump to your death), i died, my spirit is supposed to rise out of my body but for some reason it won't and the screen won't go back to where my character is. And the music is not switching to the death music. Instead you get the usual area music.

Also, another tip. I don't know how many of you know this but i saw this on a youtube video, After you make your first death the elevator opens up and you can use it to easily access the rooftop.

Oh....MY F*CKING GOD...... O.o
the..hipster jump and....the spirit.... O.o (The mast Judgement) OH MY GOD.... O.o THIS ARE BRUTALLY!!!

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Credits & Info

3.48 / 5.00

Sep 24, 2014
6:15 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other
  • Frontpaged September 25, 2014
  • Underdog of the Week October 1, 2014
  • Daily 4th Place September 25, 2014