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Rise of the TItans 2

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Smash your way through cities. Crush little computer people and stomp puny human armies.

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As a fan of the first game i must say that after this i'm kinda disappointed, don't get me wrong i still think it's a well made game but the big problem, at least for me, is that it isn't as dynamic as the first one, in fact, it looks as if you were having a little bit of lag, and some designs look like total crap for example: in the first one we had marines with armor, it was cool and all and you could see it but in this one they are mannequins with guns, and baby robocops. Also it takes so much time to get an upgrade, so basically you waste like 3 hours trying to fully upgrade just one of em. anyways i loved the idea of humanoid titans but it felt so slow paced that i just didn't like the experience, still, i hope you can get better at making games if you keep doing them.

make a part 3 please i love this series its the best game i ever played on the internet so far and if you don't mind to take some advice from a n00b can you improve the melee in Rise of the Titans 3? 1 punch is a bit to easy

Could use variety in the human screams. It mentions rendering when you upgrade but no visual changes to your monster.

I don't like my monsters to look all that humanoid like, but i am glad that this series is still going on, i want chimeras next!!