MD Experimentfication

September 21, 2014 –
July 10, 2015
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I made a short test animation, few test animation was failed test. and some mistake with music i choose. and also this is my first try.
and please put it into MD2014 collection.
and i'm so so noob at animating so i would really appreciate constructive criticism.
and happy madness day 2014 everyone!!!


I like it!

Amazing as well

Cool animation!

yeah your prety good

You truly have lots of potential, that's for absolute sure. Keep practicing and i know you'l get great!

Good , Very Good for you first try!

A very good first try, i can definetly see pontential in this one. the animation is smooth and again it was a pleasure to see the crew of madness shoot some new guns, you are not a noob you are a great beginner! Keep parcticing flash and keep up the good work

Slow and boring? Maybe faster scene skipping would be more enjoyable to watch that way.

Try putting in a story like an experimental grunt fed up and start massarcering the scientist,etc etc,It will be better and .....it don't really count as madness if your just putting in some random shooting.ACTION my friend,ACTION and GORE and PLENTY of them and thats what you call madness.But the characters movement and shooting is smooth so good job.3 Stars for Starter Smooth Animation[Walk n' Gun/Standing Shoot].Now....write a script,animate using the script,smooth out the animation,put in some good music and ACTION.

This is pretty damn good for your first entry,to be honest.

Improving going to see you on the right track.

nice animation and nice music!


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