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Basically the controls are LEFT and RIGHT to move left and right, SPACE to jump, DOWN to crouch, and UP to go through the doors.
Currently this game is a demo. The full version will come out in few months.

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He's moving like he's on ice, his movement is just irritating. Nice graphics, but other than that, this game has nothing to offer :/

Best game 2014

This game really has no objective. Its just about jumping around. The worst part? There's no save or anything like that.

Possible things to look at:
1. Some kind of objective
2. Collectable items or something.
3. Character customisation.
4. Better physics engine. The person slides off. And the control is very sluggish.

I honestly think this game can work if its done properly. Don't head it towards a Mario style though. Mario is Mario and your game is yours.

8o8inSquares responds:

Well this game isn't a "serious" project, and as I said, this is just a demo and not full version.
There will be collectable items. Wont be any customization because this game made for a specific person. Physics, are made the way I like, kinda simulating the real life, you can't control the character mid air which I hate on most of the games. I can however make him less slidy tho.
Objective is to pass the map by jumping. It is gonna be a rage game.
Thank you for the feedback.

His jump seems a bit weak based from how much he pulls his feet up.
Its easy to fall of the platforms, causing slight irritation.

8o8inSquares responds:

Yeah well I am not pro on graphics designing xD
if you're sliding to the left and pressing right at the same time, the acceleration speed is increased by 2, same happens mid air, so you can get used to it and actually pass the map with one try.

goodjob! , everything is awesome , just little bugs to fix and youre good to go :D

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2.62 / 5.00

Sep 20, 2014
6:34 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other