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Robot Revolt

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The secret base of a legendary space outlaw is overseen by an Advanced AI. Play as the M.A.R. Bots who have been declared hostile by the AI and must defend against combat droids sent to destroy them.

FEEDBACK: Would love to hear any of your feedback positive or negative so we can try to work on things for the future :)

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Not a bad game, decent music and mostly fun. The scale of earned money is off though- there's no point in buying the smg when you can get the rifle about as quickly. Increasing damage output is entirely irrelevant- a rifle at 60 damage does as much as an energy gun at 36. If you continue a saved game, you start over with the pistol (really?), and the scaled by which the prices increase doesn't match the income you can realistically get.

So all in all, not bad- but there are a few glaring issues that make it stop being fun. :-/

i hate 10 lvl.

This game is cute and the music was very soothing, but it kind of gets repetitive after the next few levels and still need more content, i think. (i suggest a turrets. And additional characters too.)
But this is awesome and this actually made my day. But for now, 4 stars for you!!!

-AThousandAndOne :)

blackstrawberrymedia responds:

Thanks for the kind words and feedback, really appreciate that :)

Pretty boring and repetitive. Brings nothing new to the table. Cute graphics and story line. Also I agree that is extremely easy to get stuck at level 10.

blackstrawberrymedia responds:

No problem, thanks for taking the time to let us know. I will look into Level 10 and try work something out :)

Needs to have a reset upgrades or for you to keep the money you gain when you die. I made the mistake of fully upgrading the laser rifle to 1 shot everything, and all of a sudden in wave 10 the spiders and tanks take 2 shots to kill so I can't win and am completely stuck.

blackstrawberrymedia responds:

Thanks for your feedback :) Will look into resetting the upgrades etc