Freeway Fury 3

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Boat 5 Points

Steal a speedboat.

Escaped Helicopter 5 Points

Escape from the helicopter.

Grind 5 Points

Grind against another vehicle.

Jet Jumper 5 Points

Jump between flying jet planes! Insane!!!

Jet Plane 5 Points

Hijack a jet plane?!

Jump 5 Points

Jump onto another vehicle!

Motorcycle 5 Points

Steal a motorcycle.

Oncoming 500 5 Points

Drive on the oncoming lane for 500 points.

Police Car 5 Points

Steal a police car.

Tank 5 Points

Steal a tank.

Close Escape 10 Points

Jump off a vehicle shortly before it explodes.

Fury 10 Points

Enter Fury Mode.

Jump x3 10 Points

Jump onto 3 vehicles in a row.

Oncoming 1500 10 Points

Drive on the oncoming lane for 1500 points.

Reversal 10 Points

Drive fast then jump on an oncoming vehicle.

Takedown 10 Points

Destroy another vehicle.

Tank Destroyed 10 Points

Destroy a tank (besides your own).

Jump x6 25 Points

Jump onto 6 vehicles in a row.

Oncoming 3000 25 Points

Drive on the oncoming lane for 3000 points.

Boss Defeated 50 Points

Defeat the final boss and save humanity!

Jump x8 50 Points

Jump onto 8 vehicles in a row.

Author Comments

You should know the drill by now: Drive, jump, steal vehicles and cause mayhem!

Freeway Fury 3 includes a new story, new vehicles, levels, bonuses and more!

NEW FEATURE: Rack up points quickly to enter FURY MODE. For a limited time your vehicle's nitro will be extra powerful, you can jump farther, and escape if your vehicle explodes!

Alternate controls (try changing keys if diagonals don't work): Hold Z, M or SPACE to stand on vehicle; Press arrow keys or WASD keys to jump; Press UP, X or N for nitro.


It's still a great game, but it has a slew of issues.

The graphics are the worst in the series so far. I understand that sometimes you have to sacrifice certain aspects for the game to play better, but they don't look good at all. I've seen worse, but still.

Also, the game feels watered down compared to Freeway Fury 2. That game was, at one point, my favourite flash game of all time because of how open it was. Seeing the series revert to a straight path is quite strange, but it works for this installment at least.

I absolutely hated the story though. In my opinion, the series shouldn't have one. Looking back at it, it's hardly any good. Despite these issues, it will always be a damn good game to play.

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Who did the music for this game?

VascoF responds:

The music is by Matthew Pablo, link is in Credits.

Kinda like tony hawks meets classic spyhunter good looking game just a little too fiddly for me

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how to jump on helicopters?

Dat reporter.

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Credits & Info

4.24 / 5.00

Sep 18, 2014
5:13 PM EDT
Action - Other