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Abducted by Aliens 2

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Author Comments

*************** This is part 2 of a 3 part series!!! ********************

You were abducted by aliens after looking through your new telescope. Now It's day 2, You made it off of the alien UFO only to end up in an alien prison! Now you must figure out how to escape. Who knows you might just make a friend along the way. Good luck and have fun playing!

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Can you fix the "Sleep" medal for me?
I finished but the popup at the end didn't appear...

mediocre. sleep medal does not work after finishing the game and replay button as well :/

Another broken medal, (Sleep) looks like a bug. Twice I played it and didn't get it.

A pretty straightforward segment of this Alien saga, in an all-new location! Good fun, as is interacting with those alien critters as if they really aren't much different at all... maybe English is a universal language. :P Keep it going!


jerry comes with us yay a blue alien that smile like his mocking you all the time, i like the music in this game and the art lock awesome like always and the puzzles are not that hard ever