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Elventales: The Arcanery

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In a certain elf realm, there is an old belief. A great kingdom shall rise from a great army, and a great army emerged from the power of the chosen people.

It has been a hereditary tradition, whoever wishes for joining the army shall pass the seclusion. They are exiled down into a dungeon full of wicked creatures and enigmatic maze.

Any exiled warriors passed the seclusion, shall have the honor to join the army.

- challenging dungeon
- unique enemies
- deadly skills and buffs
- various weapons and combos

- movement using W,A,S,D or ARROW KEY
- attack using R or J
- grab item or access object using E or K

PS: Any key can be modified easily in Setting Window.

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I get bored at 3-rd floor. At 4-th floor you can already have all top tier items you can craft as well as acanes. So I just speed-run through the 5-th floor smashing atack and pushing everyone aside.

Badly designed game.
-Items effects does not stack. So I can not get 120% to get healed if i get 4 armors.
-Not much space
- 2 types of 1 hit enemies that sometimes hide under others and kill you.
-Your character always wear same equipment does not change character look
-To many spells where you can only use 4 spells instead of all of them.Which would make the game more bearable.
-To many enemies immune to physical damage making your physical sword damage useless.
-Shield bash can hit more enemies but still some enemies are inmune to it too.
-No boss battle
-too repeatable
I ended finish the last level dashing because it became too repeteable and so boring.
-Ended was really mediocre
-Mediocre story

simply fun game. I love how it is good old fashion rpg, but with a real time twist to it. all enemies were very unique, spells were cool unique and useful.

Nice game you've made here. Gameplay and controls are intuitive, and the menus are accessible but not in the way.

Some observations. I had reached all my max levels on the 4th floor. After that point, I stunned enemies and walked by them. There was no real incentive to kill them.

Also, and this mainly happened when I reloaded the game after having closed the browser, monsters respawned on top of me, leading to an immediate attack. Getting killed by a Necromagus right as you're getting into it was a little wacky.

five stars one of the best games ive played on Newgrounds good job

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3.93 / 5.00

Sep 16, 2014
12:32 AM EDT