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Free Will Revolution - 04

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Free Will Revolution is an animated science fiction series starring Darius, a Consultant whose main task is to investigate and "persuade" rebellious androids who are beginning to desire more autonomy in deciding the future and shape of their existence. Follow Darius and his friends as he attempts to reel them in, or at least the ArtiGence Units (AGU) that power their attempts to separate themselves from their human creators!

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I like it overall. Especially the style! Good job, man.

Seems like a series I'd like to stay tuned to! My first impression is those triangles in his eyes (the glow) looks a bit malplaced, but apart from that, everything is stylishly black and white! The fights smooth and varied, tense and occasionally humurous too (like when he throws that rock) and overall just much more elaborate than the regular animated fight. There's a story and strategy to it, not just a clash of strength. Feels like not having seen the previous episodes doesn't really matter either, eventually everything falls into place, and I'm looking forward to the next one!


You have arrived. Well done.

FreeWillRevolution responds:

Thank you, kind stranger!

These keep getting better and better.

FreeWillRevolution responds:

Thanks, I'm actually teaching myself animation by making this series so I should get better as I produce more episodes.