Sonic Adventure X Ep.2

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Back in the Fight 5 Points

Returned to Continue the Epic Journey

Chapter 1 Clear 10 Points

Finish Chapter 1 with any Rank

Chapter 2 Clear 10 Points

Finish Chapter 2 with any Rank

Chapter 3 Clear 10 Points

Finish Chapter 3 with any Rank

Defeat Leonardo 25 Points

Emerge Victorious in the Underground Duel

Defeat Rocksteady 25 Points

Prevent a Hijacking

A Rank Chapter 1 50 Points

Receive an A Rank in Chapter 1

A Rank Chapter 2 50 Points

Receive an A Rank in Chapter 2

A Rank Chapter 3 50 Points

Receive an A Rank in Chapter 3

Defeat Shredder 50 Points

Take down the leader of the Foot Clan

Ultimate Life Form 100 Points

Receive an A Rank on all Chapters

Secret Medal ????? Points

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Secret Medal ????? Points

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Secret Medal ????? Points

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Secret Medal ????? Points

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Secret Medal ????? Points

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Author Comments

Act I, Episode II - Calling From Within

Sonic Adventure X Episode 2 is the prequel to the entire series, taking place two weeks before the events of Street Fighter X Sonic & SA X Episode 1 ! Play as Shadow as he pursues a mysterious calling originating from the middle of nowhere, battle the evil Foot Clan and team up with beloved characters crossing over from multiple universes ! This is one you can't afford to miss !

Before releasing the original copy, a friend of mine teejay-number13, took the game and completely revised it from top to bottom. Turning it into less of a scripted playable movie. and Into an actual beat em up brawler. Special Thanks to all of his hard work and dedication !

*The Highest Scores you receive in each Chapter are placed on the Newgrounds Scoreboard, think you got what it takes to get the highest score among the world ?*

-Also if the game lags due to high quality, right click and change quality to Medium, or Low for optimal gameplay-

Its great to release another installment after all this time, I understand fans of the series have been awaiting a sequel. Please enjoy this action packed installment and don't forget to leave a comment / rating !

teejay-number13 says:
MetaMike was struggling with his file size and I agreed to help lower it. I decided that rebuilding it from the ground up was easier then trying to fix his original file. So I went ahead and remade it in Flash CC with AS3. It was my first time making a brawler type game so I learned a lot. I'm still struggling with actual platforming games though. Anyways, if you spot any bugs, let me know.

Arrow Keys Left/Right - Move Left/Right
Arrow Key Up - Jump
Arrow Key Down - Defend
D - Weak Attack
S - Strong Attack
W - Recover (requires energy)
A - Chaos Spear (requires full energy bar)
Control Key - Pause


The Ranking System is based off of how many enemies you eliminate as well as HP you finish with at the end of each area, Good Luck !


Amazing! I was anxious to see the next installment in your series and Imust say, WOW! MetaMike and teejay-number13, you both make a great team together, Mike with the story and teejay with the programing. Keep up the great work, I can't wait to see the next episode coming out. The game was very good, didn't expierence any bugs and the last fight was hard. (Even though it was usefull to have Leonardo as a meat shield) Anyways, keep up the good work guys, next time you'll make daily first! :D

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very awesome very creative to bring many awesome characters together and I <3 Shadow

MetaMike responds:

Thanks, the cast will only grow bigger

Not bad. :)

Ok, so this is insanely awesome. Besides the fact that it almost has no relation to the previous episodes storywise, its still great. One of the main reasons I was anticipating this game is because episode 1 had me really hooked on the storyline. This was almost an entirely new story but the fact that I still loved it speaks volumes, So we get to play as shadow, well that's great who doesn't like him. But if I recall correctly wasn't he presumed dead in Street Fighter X Sonic 2 ? Then again this takes place two weeks before the rest of the episodes as seen in the description so I dunno. Either way hopefully he lives ! Well I came here for the story and whether or not I have to suffer through the gameplay, ultimately im gonna keep playing them. Thankfully I didn't have to suffer through this gameplay lol so I got to enjoy both story and gaming, which is a win win for me ! (: Keep it up !

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MetaMike responds:

thanks and yeah sorry u had to suffer through ep.1 gameplay haha

I mean the Graphics are awesome and the music but its just so unsatisfactory to beat stuff up it just feels cheap and weak also the voice don't quite fit it mean when Shadow Sonic (or what ever his name is i dont care about all the crap after The early genesis games) "Disappear" with a voice as he shout at his mother to go out of the room

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MetaMike responds:

Thanks for the feedback Raven, give snake my regards !

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3.67 / 5.00

Sep 12, 2014
5:00 AM EDT
Action - Fighting - Brawler
  • Daily 5th Place September 13, 2014