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Archer Heroes game has 3 different modes.

Story Mode: If you choose story mode, you'll join a long journey with Archie. At first, you will train yourself in exercise areas and then you will hunt apples, birds and more. After these first chapters, you will encounter with a mysterious man and will start fight with him. This journey will go up to the Kingdom. You'll be a general knight of Kingdom after you rescue the Princess from Shadow. Story mode will have 20 different chapters which are getting harder one by one.

Player vs Player: If you want to fight with your friend together, quickly select this section. Assign your archers from 10 different heroes like Archie, Cupenk, Tian, Vincent and others and then select the map. Then start shooting. May the best win.

Player vs Computer: If you alone on the computer and there's no one else with you, you can easily struggle against to computer in this mode.

Game is so flexible. You can adjust game configurations from "Game Setting" section. For example, you can easily assign "Versus" selection between "1", "3" or "5" options.

It's time to meet our super archer heroes. You'll use "Up-Down" arrow keys to adjust direction and "Space" key to shoot. Let's choose your favourite archer and start fighting against to strong opponents. Asgames.net is glad to present you high quality games from its own special series. Have fun!


Good game and it's fun. Still it gets a little boring as the competition isn't that great. There isn't too much of a challenge...mainly just gauging your shots. I think if you sharpened up the competition abit it would be a lot more interesting

Awesome .. i really like the fapto this music...

This review is after playing about 20 minutes of the game.

Let's first focus on the good parts of the game, which aren't many of:
The controls: It's an archery game so expecting an amazing set of controls, although, it'd be nice if the guy remembered the angle of the last shot. It's not something you HAVE to have in your archery game, but it'd be nice to have.

The AI: To be perfectly honest, most of the time it's completely retarded. I'm not sure if it's intentionally missing its shots or not, but MOST of the time it's not much of a threat. MOST of the time, but more on that later.

The story: It's a bit... odd... but ok, I suppose? I don't have much to say on the topic of the story, other than the occasional odd spelling choices and wanting to punch the main hero in the face for screaming "yyyuuuuumiiiiiiii" on the topic of apples, and consuming about five or seven of them in one go. Afterwards proceeding to consume (?) three birds and three wild boars... I'm slightly curious what happened to those... does he just leave the corpses to rot there?

And now for the bad parts
The mechanics: You can't move your view around and you always get the first shot, or so you think... that first shot is always wasted on what I began to call a "scout arrow", an arrow to see where the targets are on the map and how many of them. Why the "how many of them" part? Because the game, in at least 3 levels told me there are 0/0 targets, while there were quite a bit more. Also, Your health doesn't matter. Regardless of how much HP you have, you get shot, you die, while your enemies can occasionally survive more than one shot if your damage isn't up to par.

The scream thing: MAKE IT STOP! Dear lord, it may just be the most annoying sound I've ever heard in my entire life! There are other reasons I hate that sound, but I prefer to not post them here...

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i like the game a lot. i thought the "goooo!" was funny actually. although i stopped playing pretty early on for these reasons. 1; either having a minimap in the corner, or the ability to scroll would be very very helpful. 2; the most annoying thing is when there is a bunch of people and you have to wait to take your turn. a speed up would be nice. 3; getting hp doesn't matter, i die no matter how hard i get hit. all you need is 5 and hope you get lucky. touching up these three areas would make a pretty good game. also adding on some more things to upgrade besides attack and health would be interesting.

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First of all: what an annoying voice at "Go" and "Stage Clear", PLEASE MAKE IT STOP! :P

Nice game. I think you should be able to move the camera to actually see the targets. Also, a tutorial mode would be great - even if the commads are that simple. Also, the soundtrack could be better, it seens a bit repetitive.

I liked the RPG elements, btw. It would be great to have some archers skills like a rain of arrow, an arrow that could hit 2+ enemies etc etc.

Nice game, anyway :)

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Sep 11, 2014
8:16 AM EDT
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