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Datingu Simu

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You must retort in the right manner to this lovely lady, will you get some tonight? Or will you be forever alone.

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Naisu tororingu!

Even with a walkthrough this is kinda hard and the ending isn't really good anyway, but the dialogues is so hilarious it's worth playing a few minutes. Also 'snorlax fled' made my day.

Reminds me of Ross from Game Grumps. Fivearu outu fivearu.

After several times clicking the right answer you see the woman with exposed breasts.

Then another cew correcz answers later you get a picture of the woman (still clothed and standing) from behind while she┬┤s hugged by a boy with his "best piece" sticking out between her legs.

Once you click the picture all you get is the message "You Got Laid" on a black background.

So yes, this game is useless and the "reward" is more than just disappointing.

If this thing DOES have an ending, it takes a damn long time to get to it. I used the tips from the review before me and they do work. I guess you just need to have lightning speed in order to get anywhere. I find that difficult since you need to scan her text in order to choose the correct response, and it can be difficult to find the right words in there. If there IS an ending, I don't think it's worth it.