Devil's Triangle

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ANDROID https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=pl.igdev.devilstriangle

You are arheologist who wrecked on Bermudas triangle island, now you must survive on strange, mysterious and dangerous island

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It's a nice start, but needs more to do.
At first, getting enough water to survive is tedious and too luck dependent, walk around kicking trees to hope for green coconuts or get lucky with eggs giving water rations.
Once you've got a basket (How does a woven basket with plenty of holes hold water anyway? Since it requires wood anyway, just make it a bucket.) it get's quite a bit easier, but you need to stay close to it while it rains, as it doesn't seem to fill when off-screen.
If you are near it, you can usually get it filled twice in one rain, which nets 10 rations of water.
By the way, why would a guy worry about getting diarrhea from brown coconuts, yet happily drink water from puddles?
Food is so abundant that you'd have to try hard to starve.
I managed to get to day 5, but at that point all I was doing was to wait for the lianas to slowly reappear to fix the raft, but got too bored to continue.

Crafting Recipes:
Fishing Net: 10 Lianas
Bird Trap: 2 Lianas, 8 Wood
Basket: 10 Lianas according to the recipe, but actually requires 8 Wood and 8 Lianas
Fishing Rod: 2 Lianas, 3 Wood
Thick Clothes: 4 Leather, 2 Lianas, not sure if they do anything yet.
Spear: 1 Flint, 4 Wood, 1 Liana
Arrow: 1 Wood, 2 Feathers, 1 Flint, Recipe isn't listed after crafting
Bow: 3 Wood, 1 Liana
Shovel: 3 Shells, 2 Lianas, 3 Wood
Pickaxe: 4 Wood, 6 Stone, Recipe isn't shown after crafting.
Hammer: 2 Wood, 1 Stone
Bandage: 4 Linen

How do you obtain Grass that you apparently need for a fire? Grass isn't even listed as a resource in the log.

To use the fishing rod, you need the rod itself, a claw from killing one of the medium sized lizards and a worm.
The claw and worm are used up after fishing, so each attempt to fish requires killing one lizard and some digging.
Never mind that there's no indication at all that you need anything but the crafted rod to fish, even once you've figured it out, that's a lot of stuff you need for three food rations per fish, when it's far easier to simply collect coconuts or kill the crabs, which give only one ration, but are plentiful.
Maybe the fishing net would be useful, if I could figure out how to catch fish with it and how to retrieve it without drowning.

Bird traps are bugged and only work once.
Why do I even need the bird trap to catch Kiwis for their feathers, when I've got this perfectly good spear?
It's not like they can fly away...

Anyway, keep developing this further, looking forward to see where it goes :)

IGD responds:

Hello Askis, at first thank you for your post You play a lot do you?.
Many questions you have.
-Use linen to start fire and hub (for creating torch)
-You need bird trap to catch bluebird
-You have right about Clotches

It has potential, but hunger appears to be bugged. Picking up coconuts or eggs doesn't fill up hunger and a number of the tools serve no purpose whatsoever, which I understand is because this is still beta.

IGD responds:

Hello, if you pisc up food or water rations you should open LOG and click on drinking/eating icon

I really liked Survival Kids (or Stranded Kids in Europe), but Devil´s Triangle doesn´t have anything new to apreciate, I am a bit disappointed

This is influenced by Stranded, right? You should definitely credit your inspiration.

Można? Można.

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Sep 10, 2014
11:27 AM EDT
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