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Girl goes in a store to buy a soda and then walked out of the store and was followed by two dangerous men who try to attack her. She turn into a monster and kill them both ending in her crying . What has she done? Hope someone adds a comment because this took a week to make this .


OKay, The Flash was Poor because both the Animation and the Audio sucked hard. It really surprises me that This took 7 days to make. Keep trying. You get better.

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flashmakeit responds:

It took 7 days because I did all the voices and I had to alter the voices. I drew the whole thing and added some of my music. I better keep trying so I can get faster and better at this. Thanks for the advice.

It was bad but a tad interesting none the less.

flashmakeit responds:

Thanks for viewing and I am sorry to know you thought it was bad. I wish you could have explained why.

the plot thickens......thanks flashmakeit.

flashmakeit responds:

I really like you!

That was, odd, unitnelligible, and intense. The dialogue was pretty difficult to understand.

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flashmakeit responds:

Oh I am so sorry that it was not easy for u to understand: Thanks for the comment and the three stars.

It is original, but random.

flashmakeit responds:

Really and are you honest? I did ask for comments just wishing so something better.

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2.28 / 5.00

Sep 8, 2014
5:59 PM EDT