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Girl goes in a store to buy a soda and then walked out of the store and was followed by two dangerous men who try to attack her. She turn into a monster and kill them both ending in her crying . What has she done? Hope someone adds a comment because this took a week to make this .


Shoot with his business like his, he's gonna be out of business really soon...but hes dead now...so yeah...

I understand that those two people wanted to rob her, and she felt bad after killing them. It took me a few times to get it.

Hmm I have a few tips. First the audio. Turn down the audio level some. It kind of sound like its peaking over the theashold. Idk if you do this already, but I recommend you storyboard and your projects so that you can be come super flexible with your projects. If you do this already, I'm sorry!!!!!!!

Anyway, keep it up Flash


flashmakeit responds:

Wow I really like the star. Well The story was about a girl who lived in a bad environment and went to the story for a soda and left out the story and almost got robbed by two men. She did not get robbed because she turn into a monster and killed them. then she cried.

OKay, The Flash was Poor because both the Animation and the Audio sucked hard. It really surprises me that This took 7 days to make. Keep trying. You get better.

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flashmakeit responds:

It took 7 days because I did all the voices and I had to alter the voices. I drew the whole thing and added some of my music. I better keep trying so I can get faster and better at this. Thanks for the advice.

It was bad but a tad interesting none the less.

flashmakeit responds:

Thanks for viewing and I am sorry to know you thought it was bad. I wish you could have explained why.

the plot thickens......thanks flashmakeit.

flashmakeit responds:

I really like you!

That was, odd, unitnelligible, and intense. The dialogue was pretty difficult to understand.

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flashmakeit responds:

Oh I am so sorry that it was not easy for u to understand: Thanks for the comment and the three stars.

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Sep 8, 2014
5:59 PM EDT