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You are a cell in a Petri dish. Avoid enemy cells and collect food particles to survive!

Petri features three playable cell types, more than a dozen levels, various enemies, exciting boss battles, an endless survival mode, medals, and high scores. Plus, it has a fantastic ambient soundtrack by Fubaka!

Use the arrow keys or WASD to move, press spacebar to activate your special ability, and press 'p' to pause the game. Enemies only hurt you with their spikes or electricity. If the game is running slowly, go to the Pause menu and lower the quality.


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was very laggy i thought i had a decent pc

Lol, I have great talent to do circles around the green dots, but that, unfortunately, is not point of the game :-D

Not a bad game, but somewhat underwhelming.

- I find that, by the time I've collected enough blue items to use, I'm already pretty much done with the level.
- It would be nice to have some indication of how far into the game I am.

I liked the concept a lot. Controls were spot on for me (on a USB joystick). Music was calming, but wish it would have been more intense, both on boss levels and when the screen gets crowded with enemies. Also visuals lacked a bit. Great idea, though.

I like the game, its nice and simple, the controls are a bit slippery but i don't know if that was intended due to being stuck in a petri dish? :P One other thing, it would be nice if there was a little bar or counter on the screen somewhere to tell you how close you are to completing the level. I don't know about other people but i personally like knowing how close i am, as when its a hard game or level you get a little rush from the fear of not knowing whether you are going to make it or not, just a suggestion. I also liked the 'Loading ATP' on the load bar at the beginning :P

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3.25 / 5.00

Sep 8, 2014
12:53 AM EDT
Skill - Avoid