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Crystal Ruins 3

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Crystal Ruins 3 returned with the newest part of the escape game. You found yourself closed in an abandoned and dark building, which has only one way to escape. Your mission will be to find all the clues which will lead you to the exit. There are many objects and crystals hidden, you have to find all of them, because they are your help to the outside. Also, there will be the key which opens the exit door. Explore the whole building, go from room to room and don’t miss any hidden object.

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aww where's the red bug? went to the walkthrough because I couldn'ae find et, but it showed it being against the pillar in the tan room with three arrows and the white symbol safe. it isn't there in this one... O.o

There are so many objects to collect including butterflies, flies, bug keys, amulets, salad spheres, energy spheres, and hidden stars visible only under a magical scanner. It took me quite some time before I realised there was a piece of wood to activate (collect) the last energy sphere.

To solve the AA-FF lock, you'll need a clue note that can be found in the next room by going forward.

First time i played all items needed to be found were already in inventory. reloaded and now the seventh energy sphere will not click. Little glitch that ruins the game.

I found the 7th star thingy at the top of a tan room and it wont let me click it, the mouse changes like I should be able too. so now I can't do anything else in the game. Everything is locked until I get that 7th one. Kinda disappointing that I have to quit now.

I'm a fan of all of your games, this time is no different but I've run into a problem with the energy sphere on the ceiling in what I'll call the "orange room" It's not activating properly for me and I'm unable to progress any further it seems like. ;_;