Zombie Pickup Survival

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The Zombie hordes are gathering. Drive your pickup truck through the city, along the Marina, the Race Track, the Mansion and the Parkland.

Rescue all the survivors and upgrade your pickup for mass zombie destruction. Set over 20 fiendish levels, you must use your car

skills to run over the zombies, smash them into spikes and generally take them down.

* Big scrolling city environments
* Pick up attachments for your truck including spikes and cow catcher!
* Upgrade your truck to have more space for picking up survivors.
* Bonus rounds where you just have to kill zombies

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I liked the concept of the game, but the truck just feels slow, and when I hit the zombies at full speed they don't die at impact, the truck just pushes them till they blow up.

Solid effort, nice concept, but needed more polish.

A short display of the basic controls on the H.U.D. would've been more than enough to cover a tutorial for this, but even that's missing. They're not even in the description! They are intuitive, granted, but I still don't know if there was a handbrake control, or just the gas and steering.

On that note, the steering... It's a bit awkward in how slowly the truck turns, and most jarring is the lack of momentum when you release the gas. Not to nit-pick here, but a little fine-tuning there would've boosted the score a LOT.

I really like this concept for a game, since the showboat of massacring zombies in creative was has been running on the bottom of the river for a while now. This was an interesting concept with a lot of potential, but you've missed the mark here and there. The biggest misses that are actually worth noting are the awkward steering, as mentioned above, and the impact function. Even getting the truck up to maximum speed, you still have to shove a zombie along for a second or so before they pop. It defeats the feeling of being in a truck when the truck itself isn't dangerous, but that's easily fixed by making the hit responses faster. It's just one of those little things that makes a big difference.

I like this concept really, and I'd love to see more of it. Don't let us knock you down, even though a few will try; games aren't brain-dead simple to make, and let nobody lie.

The controls are a little weird it would have been nice to know from the start how to move the car. Losing lives for hitting Zombies in reverse is kinda silly and you don't get points for killing them like that. Also, why don't I get more hearts after beating a level? I mean, it's a new level and it should restore my health at least by one heart or something.

Very Good but sometimes also very laggy. but good.

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4.18 / 5.00

Sep 5, 2014
3:53 AM EDT
Action - Other