Stainville Episode 4

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At long last, Stainville 4 arrives on Newgrounds. Despite the animation being finished since February, several setbacks hampered the final product coming to fruition. However, after a several months, we finally got our shit together.

This episode explores some new locations in Stainville High School, particularly the library and the school's ventilation system.

Music once again provided by the irreplaceable talents of Alexander Loredo-Stone a.k.a. Piggemz.

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lol I am about to watch your submission but I give you a peffect score lol that was a nice comeback on th below review :) lol and now on to the movie :)

still being unpredictable and weirdly awesome! i wanna know if you could put a link for the outro song

Alpha-Nuva responds:

check the left panel.

Nice animation but still just wack not my thing. Was just disgusting and bizar...THIS WAS FUCKING STUPID!

Probably why it only has 6k views though.

Alpha-Nuva responds:

nice flash, bruh.

Hahha, as unpredictably yet awesomly random as you could expect XD
This is easily one of my favorite series of animations here on Newgrounds.
Awesome job!

Keeping the magic alive. The style and setup is just so continuously random, but very well composed random with a cup or so of chaotic. A bit like the modern equivalent of slapstick, but you know, really fucked up and twisted along the way... which is done so magnificently well.

It's the 4th masterpiece, at this rate I wouldn't even dock points based on the rough drawing style, as it really just compliments everything along the way. Simply amazing.

9/10, 5/5 ~WCCC

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4.76 / 5.00

Sep 4, 2014
3:10 AM EDT
Comedy - Original