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The Forgotten Legion II

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Episode II follows the pilots who dropped the legion off in the cargo bay in the first episode.

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If castle and dead space had a child this would be the result

I've got to say that this was one of the shows I was looking forward to and it somehow managed to slip under my radar. Nevertheless, now that I've watched it...I don't have all that many criticisms. The sound quality was decent, the SFX were surprisingly good and the animation looks fluid, except for a few places where the characters are supposed to move quickly (Red Helmet guy getting off his seat and that dude with the assault rifle running towards his friend). There's only one nitpick that I have here and it's the fact that when characters tilt their heads, it looks like the masks sort of slide on their faces, while the skulls stay in one place. I'm not sure what's causing this effect but it may be the fact that you left a black outline around the head.

The reason why this recieves 4.5 stars is the story. You're obviously just setting it up but a 5-star-story gets me from the get-go and this one just couldn't do it.

Specked responds:

I'm sure you will enjoy the 3rd episode, as I did all the writing the second, my good friend Miles Clayton took over the writing and has planned episode 3-6.


Freaking amazing dude...

AWESOME!! 5/5 and fav.