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Skyrim In a Nutshell

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After 3 years, I still haven't completed the game.

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First saw this on YouTube

If only guards were this cute in the actual game...
Nice work!

Pretty good. I'd love to see more from this. The guard harassment is a fun thing in concept, but it's a little stale to stare at that same screen by the third joke. I think using different models for each scene and changing the background would be a nice touch for the eyes

Not bad, but it could use...More. The animation was a little stiff, and though it does parody Skyrim rather accurately, there was very little to the animation overall.

I haven't completed the main storyline either, lol. A little short but I enjoyed it, a little more animation than your other ones, but I gotta be honest, it could've been a little better. Had some pretty funny things in it, especially the loading screens, the messages.

Overall, 3.5/5 stars, okay job, little more effort would knock it up to 4.