[Weekly Mouse Maze 1]

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Hey guys! There'll be at least 5 of these mazes, if not more. COMPETE FOR THE HIGHEST/LOWEST SCORE, and good luck!

Released the game

Please let me know of any bugs/glitches!
EDIT: Somehow with all the scores people are getting, I have a feeling you guys aren't reporting the bugs/glitches. >_<

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#1 Score

Nice game.

GMR516 responds:

Thanks :D

Nice game. I really like how you've stopped people being able to right click and cheat the maze, like you can in so many others. However, the design is fairly bland and boring and I think you should of had a few more mazes and if you're planning on releasing another version with more mazes then maybe go for 3-5+ mazes a week rather than only one.

GMR516 responds:

HA! GOT THAT STUPID RIGHT CL- *ahem*. Good idea. Maybe a series of mazes. Hm. I'll release 4 in the same maze next week. C:

Simple enough, but you might want to polish the game more mainly due to the multiple ways to skip the entire maze.

GMR516 responds:

0_0 There are? I'll make the walls thicker next time.

Best score of all time? Ill take. Even though theres only 8 total scores >-> But overall fun game I enjoyed it.

GMR516 responds:

XD LOL. Good job. C:

Credits & Info

3.40 / 5.00

Sep 2, 2014
10:12 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid