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A True Hero

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Made this short in a couple of days. Sadly this is the only thing I was able to make while on summer vacation.
Hope you enjoy watching it and I luv you all!

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So… if I've got this right, the kid plays video games excessively to the point of violence in real life if his gaming is threatened. And so his mom destroys his gaming equipment which "kills" him, as he's gotten so attached he thinks he needs games to live.
The concept is alright, but what's happening is pretty confusing .-.

WTF did I just watch???

you beat up your dad because he is mad you spend exesive time playing videogames? best course of action for mom: kill son and destroy computer with a knife

i thought the pixel stuff had a hard time blending in with the cleaner graphics.

With all professionalism on... What the fuck is going on with blood?