Fuck Town: Lucky Winner

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Having bought a new TV set recently you became a member of a free lottery. After 2 months you got a mail with winner ticket. After a couple of days at the mall a local newspaper reporter who was doing a report there noticed you…


If I could think of an ending to THIS,it would be something like this:
Kevin and Tracy eventually fall madly in love with each other after a
few dates together,and then they get married a couple of months later.
Kevin has a great stroke of luck when he somehow wins a massive jackpot,
but he knows deep within his soul that not even love can be bought,and he
truly loves Tracy very much. In time,they are both rich,and have 2 children
in a few years. All in all,a very happy ending! Well? What do you think?

If you don't like my ending,....then YOU must be,....


And I am NOT.

I am Richard Allen Jensen. I HAVE "SPOKEN"!

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so good

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Simple story, and was already given in much other games from these kind by different companies. But okay, for someone, who like that more ... these - how here - more as a "girly" animated women, no mature ladies with big boobs.

Same so also like in Fuck Town - "Banking Secretary" and "Sex Therapy" ... and is a nice changing from all these other there usually presence only from voluptuous bodies.

But, sorry, only my personal opinion, smaller breasts are okay, but - please ^^ - not to little. Unfortunately, they here has Tracy.

No, return, have check the game now, the boobs are great. But the rest from here body is to "young" for me. More one japanese fantasy, big manga eyes, hair up to the base from a ground.

Also I doesn't have like, that the complete story has bore me. Okay, he is a lucky winner and she want him (wedding, lucky widow) maybe, not only for an interview. So she think simple womanly.

More a funny idea for such a storyline. But, wait, that is even realistic, good thing. From my better point to view now. ^^

But, she turn me to much off. ^^ Surprise was later the turn in the first sex scene, the blowjob thing. here she looks amazing. And the hot voice - moans when she suck his dick, amazing. ^^

Also her body positions and moves from her in sex scenes are wonderful. Same so nice details, her open mouth for example.

Honest, I think, I find these game here better as the other both I have say the titles before. Her body enjoy me more and more.

Okay, her pussy is not good to watch and he cum inside of her, but, nobody is perfect. But for that we have the hand on titts. ^^

Really good is the lenght from the game, 4 sex scenes, include her blowjob. Just like a real small porn movie, even original, but, definitely not a perfect story.

Cool is also here that funny answers and comments, you can choose, his wrong statements. I love it so much, when a game let you laugh in the same time you can get horny. And to play later the pig, I mean, after you have finish it correct, is always great entertainment.

How I say, for everybody - women, men - who have wish often more normal titts, very good. Here we have a compromise. ^^

3 stars, but no bad advice for these game, big boobs rule. ^^

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This was pretty nice. I wanted to be the lucky one though, lol.
The only thing I didn't really like was how fast everything went.

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i would feel like the lucky one lol

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Sep 1, 2014
5:11 AM EDT
Simulation - Dating