Ice Fucket Challenge

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Do people even care for what ALS is for and not just pouring water over people's heads?

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that was funny and i don't think the do know what its for, it may have had meaning in the beginning but now i beleive most do it because its popular or is shoved down there throats so much that they conform just to be accepted. Its like I run from Facebook only to have it shoved down my throat here too, but I like this one... I assume you were making fun of it... weren't you? its like the koolaid man no matter where you go he finds you o.0

Shufflehound responds:

My Facebook is also over polluted with Ice Bucket Challenges and I made this in response.

heh, nice one.

A bit of a meh gag, but I really, really like the art style! Tweaks my nostalgia gland good and proper :)

The video is a little short. Perhaps make it longer to enhance the joke.

I'm beyond tired of the Ice Bucket Challenge but I like your flat, 60's inspired style a lot and hope to see more from you. Nice work, consider me a fan!

i hope that people care about this cause, rather than just doing it for ''the fad''.
but anyway, your movie was SUPER fluid, and SUPER fast, with extremely well animated parts!
despite it being a small film, it was good, and your cartoon's quality reminded me of those courage the cowardly dog animations, or the pink panther's style of animation... (even more the latter).

good animation, great drawings, good joke, and great way to present it.
you are flawless sir, and you have a unique style. do more.

Shufflehound responds:

If you like this style then I would recommend Ernest Pintoff's work, mainly Flebus, which this this cartoon's style was inspired a lot by. Ta for the compliments!

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Aug 31, 2014
5:41 PM EDT
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