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A difficult yet addicting minimal game about corners!

In JCT, short for "junction", you control a square with the simple object of making it around the turns presented to you. However, your controls, the left and right arrows, only allow you to rotate 90 degrees at a time, relative to the direction the player is moving. On top of that, the player is moving fairly quickly, requiring you to think and react quickly and accurately in order to score. The path is completely randomly generated, too, so there's no telling what's going to come next!

This game was made in less than 12 hours by me, Ryan Pocorobba, also known as: TetratonMusic, Gary Goat, and Prism Studios.

It will also be released on the Android Market very soon!


I like the concept, but I wish the square was a little smaller, because when you just barely scratch the corner it feels kinda unfair.

I also think you could try making it gradually speed up as it goes so the difficulty continually increases.

I hate you because it's annoying and too simple, but I played it for a moment, and it was playable. The square is too fat and needs to have a color changing option. The controls are shameful.

TetratonMusic responds:

I don't see what is wrong with the controls... I'm working on adding more features, but everyone keeps mentioning the controls... The fact that the turning is 'different' is a part of the challenge. I think people need to realize that. As is the simple graphics design, and gameplay.

Ok, so I'm REALLY bad at this game, but the game itself is quite fun. It's a real challenge that could even be compared to Flappy Bird, for the whole "practice makes the master" concept.

In any case, simple and great idea behind. good game.

TetratonMusic responds:

Thank you for understanding the purpose and idea behind this game. Thank you!

This game sucks...really sucks, why you ask? well 1st of all no music but eh that the worst part *ahem* 2nd of all the control is feels sloppy and unresponsive and in a game where you have to quickly move thats not good...and 3rd of all though not as big of problem but still needs to be noticed is that the highscores sometimes don't update if you beat your highscore. anyways the game does not look good at as its just a square move though some white hallways any thats just...well...boring like the entire game which is why I give this game a 0 out of 5 :-/

TetratonMusic responds:

Hmm... The controls work fine for me, and all of the devices I tried it on. There will be music. The high score works fine for me, and all the devices I tried it on. And the graphics are intended to be minimal. It's stated in the description.

The controls are sticky but the game is fun.

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2.15 / 5.00

Aug 31, 2014
2:48 PM EDT
Action - Other