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ShopKeep Quest

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30 Days Later 5 Points

You have lasted an entire month!

First Upgrade 5 Points

You upgraded from a cart!

Rule Reader 5 Points

You yearn to acquire knowledge!

Shop Growth 10 Points

Staffing your shop increase profits!

One Year Later 50 Points

You kept your shop running for a year!

MasterTrader 100 Points

You are known across the lands as MasterTrader.

Money Maker 100 Points

You are the wealthiest merchant in the market!

Shop Upgraded 100 Points

You have fully upgraded your shop!

Staff Master 100 Points

You have over 100 employees!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments


--New Update--
-Storage bugfix
-Staff bugfix

-Will now auto-max when buying
-GUI fixes
-Improved simulation
-Adjustments to overall pricing<continued>

Fulfill your dreams of running a shop in an RPG village! ShopKeep Quest is all about keeping your shop open for as long as possible while trading and managing staff in order to turn a profit.

The game is very simple, inspired by "Drug Wars" Have fun and waste some time!

--Coming Soon--
-Improved animations
-Side missions

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Omg i got the Highscore first time *__*
In the End, i couldn't even buy Weapons anymore, slots were full i think

I got to day 42 and made so much money that I broke the game...

The constant bugs and glitches combined with the repetitiveness of the game leave me frustrated, but I can appreciate the effort that was put in. I could enjoy the game if it were less buggy.

The Dash to 365 <edit medal popped at 360>

day 80ish - 10M <== gameplay till now 200- +200s -1000 employees
day 150 - 50M
day 167 - 100M
day 215 - 500M
day 233 - 1006M
day 235 - Your wife is insisting on Jewels lol
day 251 - 2017M
day 256 - money went negative.. -1640M
day 265 - -801M and dropping
day 271 - 125M didnt lose phew
day 278 - 1522M interest is getting crazier now
day 280 - thieves steal 1.1 billion dollars!
day 287 - -1966M
day 295 - 293M
day 300 - -2076M interest is this nuts now 4b every 7 days and increasing.
day 360 - went through 15 more 5 billion dollar rotations(-2.5b to 2.5b<closest i got was 2.4somethin>) untill this day
Medal Pop!

Question how does one get known as 'Master Trader across the land?' I stopped gaining ranks at Markets Top Earner, earned by day 36 and I assume Newgrundling there actually played through the year to have only 25m profits so thats the top rank in game.

suggestion, make more of your events hurt like the thieves can.. at 1b gold events were taking 426 and 4k gold away lol

comment, a donator medal really?

- Bottles naturally vary from $20 to $100 (avg $60)
- Potions naturally vary from $30 to $200 (avg $115)
- Scrolls naturally vary from $30 to $300 (avg $165)
- Armor naturally varies from $200 to $1000 (avg $600)
- Weapons naturally vary from $200 to $1000 (avg $600)
- Special low prices are $10, $10, $25, $200, and $200 respectively.
- Really high prices appear to be about quadruple whatever random value they would've had on that day.


I loved the old Drug Wars flash game. This game, while I think it has great potential, is unfortunately held back by a host of bugs and glitches resulting in players finding it less fun to play. Issues I observed with the game, in order from biggest problems to least:

- Not all medals are functioning properly. I made it 360 days / "through one year" before retiring with a total profit over 25 million, with 80950 items traded, Merchant Rank "Markets Top Earner", 6285 employees, and naturally all the shop upgrades. Yet, I was not awarded any of the {First Upgrade, Shop Growth, Master Trader, Shop Upgraded, Staff Master} medals.

- Very frustrating glitch, as has been pointed out by most reviewers of the game, that while going using increase/decrease arrows in the marketplace, if you click 'too fast' / seemingly randomly, the transaction will be canceled and go back to a neutral screen as if you had never been trying to buy or sell those items in the first place.

- Big-time glitch allows the player to increase their shop space item limit without bound. After playing normally for awhile and making all four shop upgrades, I observed a shop space maximum of 540 items. However, if you have say a quantity of 100 of any one item, and you go to sell that item but instead of selling 100 you decrease the amount down to just 1 item to sell, well that results in your maximum item shop space to increase by 99. So players can keep selling most, but not all, of any one item, and then re-purchasing essentially double the amount of that item, and keep going. Using this, I had a shop space of over 10,000 items. Bug is that if I sell Y of an item I had X quantity of, my maximum shop space goes up by (X-Y).

- Pretty game-breaking glitch wherein you can hire negative quantities of employees even from day 1, which results in an equally nonsensical glitch of RECEIVING $1,000 from each 'non-employee' every 15 days.

- Money greater than $2 billion can't be displayed by the game, and it just keeps wrapping from -$2 billion till it counts back up to $2 billion again, and keeps wrapping / reverting negative repeatedly.

- When selling goods, if you remove more than you wanted, you can't increase the number of items to sell (up arrows do not work)

- For whatever reason, the prices do not change from the 29th to the 30th days.

And the last three aren't bugs, but just other observations:

- One year contains 365 days, not 360.

- Vagrant is misspelled as "vagrent"

- It's kind of sexist flavor text to say 'your wife insisted on jewels' -- you could say 'your spouse'.