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Ludum Maze 30

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Visited 10 games 5 Points

You've played 10 Ludum Dare 30 games!

Walked 1000 steps 100 Points

You covered 1000 blocks!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

Ludum Dare 30 just finished, but we're still in the final voting stage. What better way to find your LD games than getting lost into this infinitely large maze of Ludum Dare games?
This time around, I had some spare walls so I just threw in a few random shit along the way.

So this world combines of all 2539 LD30 games from the jam into one Connected World, along with timelapse/playthrough videos, and some random videos. To play a game, approach a wall and click on the poster.

If you don't know what's Ludum Dare, please check it out: http://www.ludumdare.com/

Note: Ludum Maze is using old code, thus it is not my LD30 entry.

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Not sure why but I keep starting in a small two-space room?? I can't go anywhere! Nice concept and controls still.

tHATS NICE. But its awkward.

It's an ok game but this made me dizzy

Man this was a huuuge maze! I walked a thousand steps, all the while expecting to run around in circles, get lost or not find any new ways to walk... but I never did, it stretched on endlessly! Wondering a bit about that Connected Worlds medal, if it's an easter egg, an insane feat... something else? Would be good knowing if it's worth getting or if maybe it's an incredibly time-consuming task like... viewing all 2539 games. O_o Hard to believe they're actually all included in this maze! It's huge! I felt the navigation was a bit blocky, would be nice if you could walk through the maze as you would a regular FPS game, or at least use the mouse more to turn. Seems you can zoom in on any block too, not just the 'used' ones (for videos, games), so it's easy to zoom in on the wrong block, have to go back, zoom in again... anyway, nice work making this! Looks like an intense project! How long did it take?


jacklehamster responds:

Yah that medal is kinda hard to reach. You actually need to meet another player, but it's getting pretty rare now.
The engine was taken for a project that took 3 years but was never finished. Now I'm trying to make good use of old code. Maybe I'll try to make an RPG with it. Thanks for checking it out!

It is a good game, but for some reason the effect to move me cause dizziness xDDDD...! I had not happened with any other game...Just for that stop playing, but this well established.