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History Museum Escape

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You were always fascinated by archaeology and natural history. When a special exhibition came to a nearby town you knew that you have to visit it and examine everything. So you did. But something unexpected happened. You were so deeply fascinated by a big piece of pearl that you barely noticed that they closed the door! Now you're locked in!

Better be quick and find a way out! Explore the exhibition and use your wit and knowledge to escape.

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This is pretty good, but a couple of things don't make sense. First, why is there a big hole in the floor with plants growing on them in the first screen of the game? Judging from the saw and trowel, it seems like the museum's curators are doing some kind of exhibit that uses plants, but that would require a lot more work than what was shown. Second, why is the upper floor not available via staircase and has to require a makeshift ladder to access? Even if there was a portable ladder provided by staff so that people could see the exhibits, it would be much more sensible for there to be a stairway. Third, why does the soil in the T-Rex exhibit have ivory buried in it and why is obsidian hidden behind a puzzle? Both should've been displayed in exhibits rather than hidden. Finally, why does accessing the key to the museum requires placing two items from the exhibits, two items hidden from the public, and an item that can be only acquired via damaging an exhibit and in chronological order based on clues from the exhibits? That is pretty illogical if you ask me. Outside of that, the story is good, the puzzles were fun to solve, and you did a fine job of putting this game together. Good job!

I got stuck with four small poles and a rope. After watching the walk through, I realised I forgot the other four from two stands next to the elephant. The rest of the game was pretty straight forward once you found the historical age of different antiques.

Nice escape game. There was a degree of difficulty to it, but not too bad. The puzzles also made sense, which is a big plus. Good work.

Easy and fun!
I was able to pen up the wall using 66-66-65 not sure why

This one was fun
Difficult, but not hard
And you had to pay attention to finish
Or, like me, you could get the number puzzle on the upstairs balcony right by using the wrong clues, also known as dumb luck!
Either way, good game ^_^

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3.83 / 5.00

Aug 29, 2014
7:07 AM EDT
  • Daily 5th Place August 30, 2014