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Smash Bros Wii U Animated

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Been awhile since I did a self contained short, and since I have been hype for Smash these past few months/years, I decided to do a little fight scene. All the drawings and effects, aside from the intro, were created by me.

Also haven't made a sonic animation in quite some time :)

Mario (c) Nintendo and Sonic (c) Sega, I do not claim them as my own

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the look on mario's face like "WTF was that?!" XD

This animation is very good and fluid, I liked it a lot!

This was amazing! The audio isn’t muffled, the animation is great, and it straight up feels like a SSB4 animation that had a lot of thought put into it and well made!

This video got me in the franchise,
Nah, my BFF let me play his copy of Smash Brawl on my Wii U on a sleepover when were kids.

Completely accurate. When Mario and Sonic battle in Smash, Sonic always wins and has the best moves in the game. Nice job on the animation as well!~