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Sniper Scope 3

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This is the 3rd game of the Sniper Scope series.

David Kirkland, an assassin working for the “Agency” was hired by the Facundo family, one of the renowned “5 Families” of the underground world. His mission is to eliminate and destroy one of their rivals - the Bambino family.

In an unexpected turn of events, Kirkland’s information was leaked to Don Bambino from an unknown source. Don Bambino retaliated and forced his way into the agency’s doors to retrieve Kirkland’s personal file.

With Kirkland’s personal file in his hands, the Don found out everything about David.

He kidnapped Kirkland’s wife and son leaving him without any choice but to play along into Don Bambino’s hands…

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Nice work on this was pretty smash

The concept is cool and the game play is fun but there is 2 major flaws to this game. 1. Some of the people aren't really well detailed so its hard to tell who your shooting at a distance. So either add in a zoom feature or make it closer. 2 On the stage with the guy who is shark fishing on the boat, it tells you to kill him cleanly. WTF ARE YOU MEANING!?! I shoot the guy in the head. Fail. I shoot the guy in the body. Fail. I shoot him in the arms, legs, boat, poll, motor, line and almost any where else I can think of and it doesn't even do anything. So I thought that's not the guy and I have to wait. Never a new guy showed up. So if that is the guy tell us how to do a "clean hit." Its really annoying when major flaws like these kill what could have been a great game. I love sniping games. I wasted countless money at the arcade just to play silent scoop. Fix these flaws to make the game great, please.

challenging, just for the ending: WTF?????

Its way to much Zoomed out. Its cool Game if you tell me my Target got an Scar but its not cool if its so far zoomed out i can´t see shit. Also everyone simply dont give a fuck about gunshots and there is no point to precisely aiming at the Target because you don't have a magazin , you have infinite bullets , you don't have any kind of recoil and the target is blind and deaf.
Also the story are generic, The graphics are bit too simpel, The gameplay is repetitive and not challenging (except for the Truck but that was just stupid) , And the music ( or should i say THE ONE GENERIC HEROIC SONG IN THE MENU i mean take this song and play a Zombie scenario or a mafia war or something like this it will always fit) was unimpressive, the hitboxes are kinda bad (nothing happen if you shot in the legs or in the lower body just chest- and head- shots count) and the game does not have anything special or unique and that's why 1,5 Stars

why the heck is thear no quality option and why the f does teh game even lag ?

annlucaswinters responds:

Sorry, I'll make sure to improve quality on the next game. Thanks!