Crown Cave

August 28, 2014 –
April 1, 2019
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Author Comments

A brave fool enters a mysterious cave to prove his mettle against the challenges awaiting him. Will he survive the treacherous obstacles before him or die horribly?

Controls: Arrow keys for movement & 'z' to jump. Press the up arrow key at the doorways to continue to the next level.

Update: The ladder has been tweaked for more forgiving results. Also pressing 'r' anytime during the game will reset you to level 1 where if you'll notice there are warp blocks added for those who want to skip ahead.


Progress not save

Would have rated this higher but the problem is that some levels with timer switches bugged out and prevented me from progressing at all. It would always double trigger and then close the gates too quick for me to actually reach no matter what route I took to get there. If you fixed that, this would be a great game.

Okay, I enjoyed this game really much and actually wanted to give it 4,5 Stars. Graphics were good and I anyway love challenging platformer games.

BUT! Why is there no menu at all? No Mute Button? No Save? I lost my whole progress because of a browser restart, and yes, that made me quite mad.

People are being way too hard on this game. The game is extremely easy up to the point where the wizard drops you into the pit. Those are pretty tough, but not impossible (I think I should have a little more control of the character in these instances. Having inertia from the jumps is sometimes hard the compensate for). I will also agree that the ladder mechanic seems strange. I'd say if you want to just let go instead of jump from the ladder, you should hold down and jump.

For me, the game was fun and challenge though the end was a little anticlimactic. Once you achieve what you were going for, that's it. Nothing else happens. You don't get taken back to the title screen.

Like I said, I like the game and I hope you'll keep making them.

doesn't work

it reminded me so much of Atari's "Pitfall" that I have expected those damn crocodiles to get me again. lol

It's not a broken game, but I have a lot of personal dislike for it. Crown Cave feels perfectly designed to be monotonous and it will test your patience. The disgusting color scheme of fiery-pink, grey, and not much else certainly tested mine, and hurt my eyes. That, and the complete lack of music and the eventually infuriating jump sound effect. Combine those things with a less than stellar control scheme and you've got a recipe for irritation that slowly burns to fury. The controls didn't get in the way too much, but it was definitely uncomfortable. the way that ladders worked was very unintuitive and your character's jumps and movement were just too slow and it didn't feel like I was in control at all. I got quite far but eventually I gave up. It's a very bare-bones game that's just you and the difficult but samey challenges that await you and never seem to end. Then again, that's just my taste. Don't get offended.

Congrats, you didn't make an enjoyable game, but you made a difficult trial.

This game is great. I almost couldn't stop playing. The one thing I would add is maybe some kind of short ranged attack and definitely music.


Stats, Info & More

4.06 / 5.00