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Viking Warfare

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Doing Things Well 5 Points

Beat 3 levels with three stars

Elite Soldiers 5 Points

Upgrade a soldier to level 3

Fill That Boat 5 Points

Upgrade a dock to level 3

It's Raining Arrows 10 Points

Upgrade an archers tower to level 3

Master Of The Seas 10 Points

Beat level 5

Looking For Perfection 25 Points

Beat 6 levels with three stars

You Shall Not Pass 25 Points

Upgrade a druid tower to level 3

Defender Of The Lands 50 Points

Beat level 10

Perfect! 100 Points

Beat 10 levels with three stars

Author Comments

Viking Warfare is a tower defense game with a viking/celtic background, where in adition to constructed towers, you'll need to build and manage archers boats to win.

Unlock new tower levels and buy upgrades as you advance completing levels.
- Wave information now collapses into a small button (mouse-over to expand).
- Wave paths are shown now when mouse-over the wave information.
- Added a cancel button before starting a level.
- Added a separated button to mute the music.
- Added Easy mode.
- Fixed "Defender Of The Land" medal.
- Added a SpeedUp button.
- Removed auto-pause.

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Fun game but the balancing seems greatly off. So you get the feeling it's really unfair at times. But still it's a nice game to spend an hour or 2 on!

It's nice, but apperantly there's a bug when if you somtimes want to try hard before even doing it on easy before, the game doens't register the win and you have to do it over again. It happens with level 4 till 10. Also im pretty sure the balance in level 10 is all over the world. You have to really tweak around with your upgrade stars and tower placement and then you can still get fucked by RNG and AI shooting the wrong enemies.
I can't seem to completely block out ALL enemies. There's at least 1 going past my defenses by the so called bullshit RNG and AI flaw. And the druid tower is good, but if the enemies don't stand close to another, the multi attack doesn't get triggered, and instead just attacks one single enemy.
Slow rate of fire is also killing. I don't even mention the arrow tower wasted DPS, but that's also a thing.
I think I've replayed level 10 around 10(lol) times now. And or an elite viking or those fast fuckers get through. One time I only had to kill those two fire horns, but NOPE said my DPS and RNG+AI.
Welp 10 HP gone at the last few seconds, Medal again denied.

Then I said to myself, fuck this.

Fun game in longterm playing!
even if I like vikings, slaying them in a more or less tactical way is also nice timewasting...
The later levels are really hard to beat on hard mode! Now I know, why "looking for perfection" medal is at the sixth stage!

the games mechanics are stupid. later levels are practically impossible on Hard.

Mages arent blasting multiple enemies and cannot focus archers on designated choice.