Rosalina tentacles

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Ok, So I was working on this flash, but I lost the files, and all I could do was take what I could, slap a NG preloader and uploaded, because I lost almost 3 full weeks of work, and no one is paying me to do this shit, so I figure I might as well upload it. I mean, it's not like it's worst from other things I've uploaded.


it looks great, and I like changing the face, but it needs more. 5/5 not 6/5 LOL

hey man nice art, awesome colors, the shading is spot on, the animation is great, and the angry face is hot lol not a huge submission but i give credit where it is due good job man

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Dat-perver, the animation looks great, and it has much potential. The next ime you decide to do a flash, try making it longer and put more time into it. I'm not saying take 12 hours of your day to work on it then go to sleep, just work on it a bit day after day, add things you like, remove things you don't, and don't be in a rush. I like the facial expressions too, even if they are limited to only two different ones.
It also looks like Rosalina has a butt on her butt, and that made me laugh.

4 stars

Dat-pervert responds:

It's still like I said, I was just so fucking bummed I lost close to 2-3 weeks of work, I just decided to uploadit and just part away from it. It'snotaloop I'm proud or anything.

Very good work on the Flash keep it up!

lol I think the her weiste is realist and unflattering as normal human women, so cudos for that!
also, I like the face difference. this does deserve a 3 in my mind, unlike dating sims that take 30 minutes and you haven't seen a tit yet. so im glad you did better then that! XD

3 - enjoyed the submission and would love to see more!!! :-D

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3.58 / 5.00

Aug 27, 2014
1:41 AM EDT