Eye'scape- Escape the Eye

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Slayer 10 Points

Kill an eye for the first time

Klise 25 Points

Collect a powerup or potion

Upgrade 25 Points

Increase your stats at least once

Wonner 25 Points

Beat level one of the game

Browse 50 Points

Check both help and options pages

Gross 50 Points

Get hit by an eye

Ouch 50 Points

Take damage from a flare

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

There was once peace, when one day, out of the blue, a giant ball slowly descends to Earth. Eye! Because of the atmosphere, and increase in technology, the planet was able to slow down before landing, and therefore made no hard impacts. Suddenly eyeball aliens flew, jumped and ran everywhere! Some flying eyes carried off scattered humans to the planet, while military forces fought them off! You, being one in the military (undercover) snuck onto the planet with your plasm, since most of the aliens were on Earth, and found the core generator (the thingy that makes the planet fly!). Turning it on, it began to chargeup, soon to fly off, never to return, and it made a loud earpiercing noise. The creatures heard it and all dashed onto Eye, for there was no way to turn the core off. Now, for you to escape and return to Earth, you must run and fight for your life, because there's no easy way out! Survive all the creepy levels to get back home! It won't be easy!


We' back in the year 2000 with this flash game. Unintentional retro FTW!!!!

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danidre14 responds:

Hey! Thanks for your high vote! Well that kinda popped up in my head, knowing I had to make it in like 48 hours, so I scrambled up some animations and so on.

Not bad for 48 hours - a little unbalanced - levels 1-7 were like cake (no problem killing everything), and then level 8 was hard (to kill everything and survive) but not to hard if you "crouch" and keep shooting - only standing briefly to take out the low flying eyes... actually pretty much how I played all the levels - just standing/jumping to kill flying eyeballs - but level 8 is really hard IF you let the eyes fire along the ground... you then need to jump (more than once because of the eyes piling up), then the ground eyes build up to the point where they just swamp you - hence the constant belly sliding... (so funny!)

Only got red power-ups on level 8: part of what made it so hard to kill everything - never had enough firepower to kill everything (appears to occur if you fully upgrade luck - when I played it again, I only upgraded luck to 2/3 and did get a few blue and green power-ups on level 8 (still hard to kill everything - but at least I could give it a go without getting swamped!)

Basically maxed the score stat after the first level - so managed a massive score when I finished the game - not sure if that's what the "Earth at Last" medal is meant to be (got every other medal). Not sure the point of "jump" stat - still couldn't jump high enough to shoot the eyes flying at the top of the screen.

Some simple changes, like the colour of the pupil indicates the damage the eye does, and the colour of the eye casing indicates how much health it has, would have added a little more depth. And changing the colour of the background gradually between levels would have made it feel less repetitive (in fact because you've got a level distance indicator, you could actually have it colour shift over the course of each level).

Really needed to have a planet jump at the end: nothing fancy, just a jump from one round ball to another round ball (with a few recognisable continents) would have been nice to see before the text came up.

And missed an opportunity to have a B.F.E. (Big Freaking Eyeball) (maybe the planet??)

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danidre14 responds:

Yeah I fixed most of your problems, I was working on it since morning, and I got most done! Just the luck stat I just discovered, and level 8 is not that impossible anymore! Thank you for your thoughts! :D And I might add animation if I ever get time, but for now I'm making a tut on how to add medals and scoreboards to your game, since there is none I ever found on You-Tube! :D

Good until level four where the gun stops firing. Even if you make it to level 5 the gun still no longer fires. Some buggy buttons also.

danidre14 responds:

Please do not rate low because of that! :( I found that bug and fixed it in the new update! And it was because you maxed out coil, that made the error!

A quite good gameplay, but I had to reduce my score, because none of the medals are working.

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danidre14 responds:

The medals are actually working, but the medal gained pop-upper was not popping up, that was the problem, go into your profile with all the medals ever unlocked, and you'd see them there! Sorry about the mixup. I'll work on it soon!

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Credits & Info

2.26 / 5.00

Aug 25, 2014
5:56 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun